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From Scented Pillows To Healing Crystals: Here's How To Create A Perfect Bedroom, According To Tessa Prieto-Valdes And Kaye Tinga

Many people take having a good night’s sleep for granted, but it’s actually very important for your health and your body. A good sleep can easily help you crave for less calories throughout the day, improve productivity and concentration, maximize physical performance, and improve your immune system.

And a good sleep, of course, starts with a good bedroom and a great bed.

Creating the perfect, luxurious, and comfortable bedroom is easy and doesn’t have to be expensive as well. Tessa Prieto-Valdes and Kaye Tinga, who have traveled all over the world and stayed in many top-of-the-line accommodations, are now experts when it comes to choosing the best elements that should go into one’s bedroom.

Now, here are some of their tips to make your bedroom truly a sanctuary:


Kaye Tinga, Rajo Laurel, and Tessa Prieto-Valdes



Minimize distraction.

When it’s sleeping time, it should be sleeping time. And that’s harder to achieve these days with the distractions from our gadgets. Blue light emitted by these electronic devices are actually proven by several studies to hamper delta brainwaves which are essential in inducing sleep, and causes the body to produce less melatonin, which is a natural hormone that lessens alertness to make sleep more inviting.

To make sure you’re getting the longest and best quality of sleep, Kaye says that a nice table lamp that has very low light levels is essential to keep beside your bed. A table lamp with a dimmer switch is perfect to aid you in your nighttime reading (of books, not from your devices) because you can dim the brightness of the lamp as you ease into your sleep.  

And speaking of minimizing distractions, Kaye actually shares what a dream bedroom for her would be like: “It’s just a bed and nothing else. That would be such a luxury where it’s just really a bed—no TV, no books, nothing. You just go to the bedroom to sleep—and that’s just how it’s supposed to be.”




Set the mood.

As an insomniac, Tessa reveals that it takes her a long time to get sleepy. To help her body to slow down and ease into sleep, she says, “I’m into oils and candles so my room is super scented with whatever mood I am.”

For starters, get lavender and bergamot oils, which are rich in linalool and linalyl acetate compounds that have well-known relaxing properties. These oils calm the nervous system and are perfect to create a peaceful and more relaxing environment. These oils can be applied topically (rub on the back of your neck or at the bottom of your feet) or used in essential oil diffusers to set the ambiance in your room.



The use of crystals has also become quite popular, and a variety of crystals can aid in creating that peaceful energy inside your room for a better nighttime rest. Tessa recommends an Amethyst crystal, which is known as the “all-purpose stone,” on your bedside. It is a protective stone that helps relieve stress and anxiety, and aids in cell regeneration, making it a perfect sleep companion.



Invest in comfortable pillows.

To get a good night’s sleep, comfortable pillows are must-haves. Tessa says, “People give so much importance to the mattress but you have to give importance as well to the pillows. Our body is ergonomically designed that we have to have a flat pillow, but it’s important that the pillow needs to not be hard. It has to be firm, but not hard. That’s why the memory pillow is the best.”

Tessa swears by the Uratex Senso Memory Ultima Plus Cervical Pillow, which uses memory foam that lets the pillow mold into your neck as you sink into it. It’s also created with Hydragel beads and a Cooler knit fabric cover that makes for a refreshingly cooler, comfortable sleep.



If you’re like Tessa, who likes her bedroom well-scented, a scented pillow is also a good way to boost your sleep quality. The Uratex Soft Escape Scented Collection has lavender, chamomile, and peppermint-scented pillows to help you get a better sleep.




Opt for a mattress that conforms to your body's movement.

Some people think that the bed of their dreams should be a very soft feather-like bed that lets you sink into it when you sleep. But surprisingly, mattresses that are too soft can actually be painful to the body in the morning. This is why both Kaye and Tessa recommend a nice, firm mattress that provides comfort and support for their backs.

For a premium quality mattress that won’t break the bank, they recommend the Uratex Premium Touch Sublime, which is specially crafted with two layers of individual wrapped pocket coil springs that intelligently conform to your body’s movement throughout the night. The top layer is made of memory foam to help relieve back pains and is treated with Uratex’s patented Sanitized product to protect the foam from bacteria growth, odor, and dust mites.



Also perfect for the Philippines’s constantly humid temperature is the Uratex Senso Memory Ultima, which features extra plus comfort layers that deliver exceptional pressure relief. The premium memory foam is also created with the Hydragel technology, which uses gel beads that absorb heat and provide optimal airflow. The Hydragel-boosted mattress is actually proven to lower the body temperature by as low as 2ºC, helping you sleep faster and better.