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Get Your Hands On American Standard's "Genie" Hand Shower Now

Low water pressure is a reality in Asia Pacific either because of old, poorly-maintained infrastructure or the use of instant water heaters. While there are pressure boosting hand showers in the market, it is a challenge to find one with quality and style all at the same time, or even one that is gentle on the skin for an enjoyable shower experience.

A disappointing shower experience is definitely no way to start your day! Putting customers at the heart of everything it does, and committed to raising the bar of living healthily, responsibly and beautifully, American Standard has since launched the award-winning GENIE pressure booster hand shower to cope with low water pressure, often experienced in parts of Asia Pacific.


Petal Pressure: For a consistent robust water pressure that is gentle on the skin

Genie places comfort, hygiene and aesthetics at its forefront that will appeal to the discerning customers. It boasts better water pressure performance as a result of 120 micro spray holes that ensure a robust water flow, even under a low pressure. That said, this increase in water pressure through the micro spray holes does not increase the water volume. Coupled with its already less-than-usual water usage as compared to conventional hand shower, it is effective in saving water. At the same time, it also provides a non-abrasive shower experience for users so one can enjoy the time in the bathroom, which is increasingly seen as a place of refuge and tranquility that eases the stress of daily life.


Clean water you can see.  Easy cleaning you will love.                    

In addition, users can also look forward to a visibly clean shower experience. Sporting a rarely seen translucent shower face, GENIE is also revolutionary in its product design that prompts users to clean the slime and mineral deposits to ensure they are getting clean water for their shower session even after long-time use. Unlike other hand showers in the market, the back cover of the Genie is designed to be easily removed for cleaning with any round-headed key or that provided in the packaging, it also reminds users of possible insecure fastening by popping out on such occasions for an uninterrupted experience in the shower.



A modern design for every bathroom

Housed in an attractive lifestyle packaging to draw in the younger users, GENIE is the epitome of modern simplicity in its design. Made of polycarbonate for durability, it is available in three colors: aquamarine, petal pink, and steel grey.


Award-winning product

Recognized for its purposeful design, GENIE is awarded with Good Design Best 100 Award 2018, a design evaluation and commendation system in Japan.

It is also a winner at the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2018, which is one of the most sought-after quality marks for good design internationally since 1955.

Vice President of Design at American Standard and INAX, and designer of the Genie Hand Shower, Antoine Besseyre des Horts, commented, “Genie, American Standard’s innovative yet very affordable hand shower, is a milestone achievement in our aim to offer innovative solutions to the day-to-day challenges that consumers face and illustrates our design-led thinking perfectly. It was designed and developed with a pressure-boosting and water-saving technology to ensure an indulgent shower experience to people living in parts of Asia, where water pressure and scarcity are daily issues. The product addresses not only the consumer insights of poor showering experience at low pressure but also features aesthetics and materials combination not seen at such price point. With the iconic transparent colored spray face and universal opening system, the product offers a great balance between emotional and practical benefits.”

For over 140 years as a pioneer in the design and innovation sector, the highly dependable offerings of American Standard have been providing consumers with inviting bathrooms to relax in. Over the decades, innovative breakthroughs and technologies have further placed the brand at the forefront as it endeavors to raise the standard of living by delivering bathroom solutions that are beautiful, purposeful and safe for everyone.


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