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Gianni Versace’s Former Mansion Is The Holiday Escape of Your Dreams—Here's How To Recreate Its Interiors



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Thinking of a Miami Beach getaway soon? You may want to consider staying in Gianni Versace’s former mansion-turned-boutique hotel, complete with all the luxurious details the famous Italian designer is well known for. 

A quick search about The Villa Casa Casuarina will give you an instant visual feast that you’d want to book a room, stat. The hotel was originally built in 1930 by the architect, author, and philanthropist Alden Freeman. In 1992, Gianni purchased the area and converted the space into his own designer manor. And finally, Barton G. Weiss took over the property through its auction and opened up the hotel that it is today, which became an instant tourist destination that people flock over to for countless snaps of the beautiful lodge.



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It’s been gaining attention again recently, with the release of the mini-series American Crime Story: The Assasination of Gianni Versace yesterday. The show recreates how spree killer Andrew Cunanan (played by Darren Criss) murdered Gianni (played by Édgar Ramirez) on the steps of his mansion one morning in 1997. It was shot in The Villa Casa Casuarina, and filming on location took over a month. Joining the cast are Ricky Martin as Antonio D'Amico (Gianni's boyfriend) and Penelope Cruz as Donatella Versace (Gianni's sister).

If you think its pool area lined with 24-carat gold and Versace’s iconic Medusa head, lounge area in posh al fresco setting, intimate and elegant bar area, and the grand dining area are already extravagant, wait until you get inside its different suites!

Guests may choose among richly designed and striking accommodations to suit your preference for luxury. The Villa Suite is Gianni’s former bedroom, with a unique round foyer, decadent custom double king-sized bed and mural-covered walls.

Enter the Venus Suite, the largest room the hotel has to offer, which also was the designer’s sister Donatella’s previous chamber.

The Signature Suite and Garden Suite, on the other hand, have their respective view deck of the beautiful Ocean Drive and Mosaic Garden.

And those are just their one bedroom areas, they have seven more in store for guests! Each has a distinct color palette, collection of furniture pieces, and relaxing ambience. It’s totally an interior inspiration everywhere you look!



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Now, if you’re thinking of converting your own space a la The Villa Casa Casuarina, here are a few tips you can apply to your decorating must-dos:

1. Invest in plush bedroom items. From velvet pillow covers to fur throws, these staples inside the hotel’s suites would instantly glam up your private sanctuary.

2. Anything that screams class is in. Black curtains with gold trimmings? Check. Vintage lamps? Check. Victorian-inspired headboards? Check. If it looks elegant, it's definitely in.

3. Two words: Mural walls. Take your outdoor inspirations inside.

4. Flowers galore! The Villa is not without fresh florals in every spot, so add allure to yours with lovely bouquets of blooms.

5. Make maximalism your mantra. More is definitely more!


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