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Gift Guide 2018: 8 Unique Items To Give The Homeowner With Style And Flair

What do you give a loved one with impeccable taste in home décor and furnishing for Christmas? Strictly statement-makers and conversation-starters, of course. 

While that might seem like a monumental task to accomplish on your own, worry not. We combed through the one-of-a-kind collections of some of the most unique local business online and in bazaars that even your most discerning friends and family will swoon over, and compiled them in a nifty list for your holiday shopping reference. 

Composed of charming handmade trinkets, practical finds, and curious novelties, this holiday gift guide is sure to impress—and make someone's Christmas a very merry one, indeed. 


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What: Curtsy PH's handcrafted wooden music box

Who it's perfect for: The homeowner who fosters an atmosphere of nostalgia and never-ending childhood

Where to purchase it: @cursty_ph

Price: Purchase Curtsy's wooden music box for P1100. 

Established in 2013, Curtsy—which is short for "courtesy"—is characterized by whimsy and timeless charm. The business that specializes in adorable tech, stationery, travel, and home décor items is all about bringing you the cutest of the cute and appeals to those who will forever be young at heart. In particular, their wooden music box sourced all the way from Taiwan is something that Curtsy PH owner Sheryl Kiong remembers seeing for the first time fondly. 

"I was captivated [by] the glass wall with all these wooden musical boxes playing all together. When I saw these products at the trade fair, I felt the same happiness and comfort from the first time I saw it... Every musical box is special because it is hand-crafted with timeless design," she says. 

As an extra tip, Curtsy specializes in customized travel pillows and blankets that the little ones in your lives will love. Coming in all sorts of huggable, animal-shaped designs, this handy-dandy, travel-friendly gift will be a massive hit, guaranteed. 

Portions of Curtsy's sales support students enrolled in a Bataan-based Sunday school. School supplies, slippers, and hygiene products are given to students every school year. 


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What: KatCrafted PH's trinket dishes 

Who it's perfect for: The homeowner who lives for personalized, inimitable finds

Where to purchase it: @katcraftedph

Price range: KatCrafted PH's trinket dishes are priced at P189 each. 

Take it from this business' founder, Katrina, who's an avid collector of all sorts of things and couldn't have explained the joy of receiving a personalized Christmas gift any better: 

"I usually try to put myself in the shoes of the buyer and ask myself, 'What do I want to see or receive?'... For customized orders, I spend time designing or conceptualizing what the client wants for each item. There is a different kind of feeling when you receive a personalized gift; you know that the person really thought of you and what you want—and that makes it special," Katrina tells Metro.Style

Consider giving the gift of thoughtfulness with KatCrafted designs, the most highly recommended one being its trinket dishes—which also happen to be a bestseller. Using ceramic plates, Katrina herself creates their designs. Depending on what a client's wishes are, she can imprint words or images. (To add, she also customizes notebooks, tumblers, gift cards, and wrapping paper). 

Simply let her know what you have in mind, and rest assured the finished product will artfully reflect the message you wanted to send the person on the receiving end of this labor of love. 


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What: Bow House's "modern barkitecture"

Who it's perfect for: The homeowner who believes that dogs are part of the family

Where to purchase it:

Price range: Doggie beds range from  P999 to P6500.

We all know that dog is man's best friend, but the Bow House homeowner takes the old adage up a notch or two by making sure that canine pals get only the best of the best—even if that means purchasing them their very own pieces of furniture. 

The Bow House team caters to this kind of individual, making sure that their locally designed and manufactured line of products that includes beds (their top-selling product), crates, feeders, collars, leashes, and toys are durable and functional, yet aesthetically pleasing enough for a family's human members to appreciate, too.

"We designed our products to make humans as happy as their dogs. We want our products to start conversations instead of something kept hidden away when guests come over. We believe that your dog deserves a special place in your home and we’re here to make sure that it is not an eyesore. We also put a huge a focus on durability and sustainability," explains Bow House's Migi Manalastas. 

Bow House regularly partners with animal welfare groups PAWS and CARA. 


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What: Craftan's Turkish Towels 

Who it's perfect for: The detail-oriented homeowner who indulges in only the softest, prettiest bath items

Where to purchase it: @craftan

Price range: Their towels go for P840 to P999. 

One telltale sign that a person makes sure only top quality items make it to her home is the amount of attention she puts in practical items. Taste in décor is one thing, but ensuring that items used every day are just as well-thought out communicates that they are, in fact, sophisticated homeowners!

If you have loved ones who fit the bill, Craftan's Turkish-made towels are what you need to introduce them to this Christmas.

Crafted with Turkish long fiber cotton, this product addresses everything disliked about the bathroom necessity: they stay soft and vibrantly colored even after multiple washes, are lightweight yet absorbent (which means they're great for home and traveling, too), are dual-purpose (bring them to the pool or use them as a wrap on the beach), and are eco-friendly (no plastic products are ever used in manufacturing it). And in case you were wondering, yes, they look great in Instagram photos, too. 

"We try our best to not only make the perfect bathtowel, but also make it beautiful enough as a travel towel, as a cover-up, or even as an accessory," says Craftan's Charyn Lim. 


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What: The Olive Tree PH's linens 

Who it's perfect for: The homeowner who proudly supports Filipino textiles, designs, and cultural heritage

Where to purchase it: @theolivetreeph_

Price range: The Olive Tree PH's linen products are priced at P400 to P5000. 

After years and years of experimenting with Filipino-made designs that could appeal to Manila's upscale market, it's finally happened. Local business and shoppers finally see eye to eye when it comes to locally produced items for the home, and the Olives' family business, The Olive Tree, is one of them. 

Elavating Filipino craftsmanship in the arena of covetable home furnishings, The Olive Tree creates anything from colorful and solid-colored linens for the home and bedroom, placemats, table runners, and coasters, as well as throw blankets and pillows (fashionable sling bags and hats are also in their product list) with the use of traditional textiles and weaving techniques. 

Manila Linen woven in Bulacan is often used in their linen products, and to set The Olive Tree's creations apart from the rest, they'll almost always combine classic hues with unexpected pantones—statement pieces for a stylish home. 

The Olive Tree supports three Ilocos-based communities by collaborating with them for their collections. 


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What: AILAVIEU's wooden and felt letter boards 

Who it's perfect for: The homeowner who finds joy in quirky décor her guests are likely going to ask her about

Where to purchase it: @AILAVIEU

Price range: Wooden felt boards are priced at P1400 and felt boards are at P1000. 

A gift need not be complicated to make a big statement. Turn your attention to AILAVIEU's wooden oak and walnut letter boards; practically toys for grown-ups, they're capable of spelling out your mood for the day, a life mantra for extra motivation, a funny quote, or even a sweet message meant to be left for a significant other to wake up to. The fact that they come in different shapes, colors, finishes, and designs is definitely going to be appreciated by the creative gift-giver. 

Sold by AILAVIEU's Therinne Aquino-Goyeneche—an inherently artistic mommy who's a huge fan of making the home a stimulating and nurturing place—these letter boards are certainly going to end up as a gift for a family, rather than just one individual. 

"I've always had a passion for creating things—from personal trinkets and home items to DIY decorations for weddings and birthdays. So I guess it is but natural that I have a certain fascination with letter boards. I love the simplicity of letter boards, yet the possibilities with them are endless. All you need is a letter board as your blank canvas and the power of your words to create a personalized piece of art," she shares. 

AILAVIEU's letter boards complement their collections featuring play mats, wooden toys, bed canopies, and cute storage units—everything a family living a contemporary lifestyle needs.


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What: One for the Road's scratch maps 

Who it's perfect for: The homeowner who travels like there's no tomorrow

Where to purchase it: @onefortheroadph

Price range: Depending on the kind of map you choose (they have tons to choose from!), their price ranges are from P950 to P1950. 

While it's always a good thing to give our travel-loving friends and family things they can use on their trips, what about something they'll want to come home to? 

For One for the Road's Alex Lau (an avid traveler himself), that special something was a scratch map, a small token yet one that'll bring smiles to those who feel most at home when they're in a foreign land. The map is essentially a travel bucket list that they can display; rather than have them list down the cities and countries they've visited, this awesome gift you won't find in many places lets them see where they've gone and of course, where they'd like to go next. 

"We currently have nine different kinds, with the newly-released Rose Gold, Chalk and XL versions proving to be a big hit! Basically, you scratch off the foil to reveal a world of color underneath. Some people scratch everything off at once and hang in their wall, while some frame it (without the glass) and scratch off countries as they travel the world one country at a time," Alex reveals.


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What: Nu Source's Himalayan Salt Lamps

Who it's perfect for: The homeowner who prefers organic materials and cleansers to be used at home

Where to purchase it: @himalayan.salt.lamp.nusource

Price range: Their salt lamps range from P1600 to P4600. 

That's right—Himalayan salt isn't just for consumption or garnishing food; using it as light source can help alleviate a host of common health issues, improve air quality indoors, and, to top it off, these lamps' glow is rather pretty, too!

Michael Quitong, owner of Himalayan Salt Lamp by Nu Source, shares, "I myself can testify that it works. My allergic rhinitis was minimized. We always turn it on at night, [and it's] on the whole night to give us better sleep too. We want to share the good effects it does to our body that's why we are in this business." 

The authentic Pakistan-made product can also help minimize asthma, stress, and anxiety while deodorizing a room and cleansing the air. How cool is that? 


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