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6 Bonding Ideas With Your Dad & Home Items You Can Give Him This Father's Day

Father’s Day is a great opportunity for every family to celebrate and recognize our amazing dads. It’s the best time to show how much we appreciate our fathers' unconditional love and endless hard work. He is our pillar—a good disciplinarian and a moral compass. Whichever you prefer to call him—dad, daddy, papa, tatay, erpats, or popsy—your father deserves something special on this day. Below are some ideas on how you can treat him on this special occasion and spend quality time with your dad.


1. Go on a coffee date with your dad. 



Surprise him on June 16 with breakfast in bed. Wake him up with the smell of newspaper and his favorite brewed coffee. If your dad loves coffee to kick-start his day before heading to work, prepare him his favorite coffee with this personal coffee press and a new mug. As simple as they may be, these gifts will show how much you really care for him. Nothing beats a hearty conversation in the morning to ensure a great day ahead for both of you. 


2. Cook with your dad. 



Bond with your father and cook your favorite dishes with him. Your dad will surely enjoy cooking food for the whole family with this Char-Broil Grill. Help him prepare everyone’s favorite dishes by giving him an additional kitchen tool to make home cooking easier. This Lodge Cast Iron can bring out the innate chef skills of your dad. Get your hands ready and be his sous-chef on his special day. Make him excited to cook well-seasoned meat or simple veggie dishes with these new set of cooking essentials.


3. Wash the car with your dad.



Lend him a hand in cleaning his car and help make his ride look brand-new again. Don’t miss a spot and dust off every dirt. Pick these Armor All car cleaning items—get one for you and one for your dad! Your dad will surely be happy, grateful that you helped him, and absolutely satisfied with his newly polished car.


4. Do some home repairs with him.



For your dad, who loves to do all the repairing and organizing at home, there’s no better way to thank him by giving him something he’ll love to have at home—a brand-new set of tools. Make it easier for him to handle the most heavy-duty home repairs and DIY projects with a new set of hardware tools from Truper. You may also give him a new tools pouch to keep his stuff organized and accessible.

Now, it’s your time to bring back the favor—assist him whenever there’s a home project. It'll make him so proud to see that you're so independent.


5. Make your dad's work-at-home setup more enjoyable.



If you have a work-at-home dad, you might want to fill his office with some cool accents that will make his workspace more personalized. Give him a new flipped calendar to keep him organized and updated on his daily tasks. Help him do his work conveniently when you turn on the desk lamp on his table and make him feel refreshed all day with this high-quality Alphalux Rechargeable Fan.

Allow your hardworking dad to experience a more enjoyable work setup, too, with a wireless bluetooth speaker water bottle and see him get immersed in his favorite music while working.


6. Shop with your dad.


If you’re still quite not sure what to choose and you can’t find the perfect gift for him, then why not take your dad out for shopping?! Treat him like a king and get him a Wilcon e-GC, so he can choose whatever he likes. To help make sure that your dad gets something truly great this Father’s Day, shop with him at Wilcon Depot, which has 53 retail outlets nationwide—wherever you are in the country, there’s a Wilcon store you can visit. Shop and visit the nearest Wilcon store now!


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