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In Photos: We Wish We Could Experience This Makeup Label's Brand New NYC Store Right Now!

American cosmetics brand Glossier made sure its two-storey New York City flagship boutique wouldn't just be a place to shop in—it's an experience that raises the bar for all of the beauty industry. 



Now open: Glossier flagship store ? our new multi-story shopping experience at 123 Lafayette St, NYC. Come on in!

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After opening its doors to giddy customers who braved the New York City cold for hours a week ago, Glossier made sure to encourage its one million Instagram followers to drop by its first ever brick and mortar location should they be in town. 


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Quick snaps showed the boutique staying true to the brand's signature minimalistic, clean, glowy look; interiors were done in a subdued, creamy quartz, while accents of rich reds and pastel oranges, floral details, unique lighting fixtures, custom furniture, interactive displays and very, very Instagrammable nooks fill the space. 






While the Glossier boutique is still essentially a makeup store, customers are sure to be impressed by two of its most unique features: a conveyor belt of products that moves through the store and a mirror-filled Boy Brown room in honor of Glossier's cult favorite brow product, both of which customers arrive at after first walking through a hallway-slash-portal and up a winding staircase of plushly carpeted steps. 

Now that's what we call the new phase of beauty retail! 


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The store, though considered to be Glossier's first, is actually a renovation of an existing Glossier location built in 2016. It wasn't much of a must-visit beauty destination though; the place was literally just a showroom for customer to visit in order to test out Glossier's new products. Straightforward and lacking in thoughtful artistic detail, it was nothing compared to what the store is now. 






Partnering with Gachot Studios for its interiors and architecture firm PRO, Glossier has achieved what many will agree will be the new standard for shopping. These days, it's no longer enough to have beautiful display windows and knowledgeable, fashionable staff to attend to shoppers' needs; a store must tell a story and be the living, moving (sometimes literally moving) embodiment of a brand. 


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This new Glossier experience doesn't just stop with the store, though. Technology has transformed the ways customers can shop for their products (by trying them out in the store and then pushing through with the purchases online, should they wish). And the sales staff? They're in on things too; they're dressed in the same faded pink shade as their store and comes in the form of a jumpsuit/pyjama hybrid. 






Located in a landmark intersection in SoHo—a neighborhood beloved for its well-dressed residents and sites that make it feel like it's fashion week all year round—the Glossier boutique couldn't have found a better home.


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Everything about it is on brand, but one needs to keep their eyes peeled so as not to miss the unassuming front door that leads to this wonder of a shop. You would never think that a 510-square meter makeup paradise lies behind an almost bare facade of a frosted glass window and door; perhaps, only its trendy pink door handlebar and a purposely small store label spelling Glossier in white typeface will give it away. 





All things considered, we'd love to be able to visit the store ourselves. Alongside all of Glossier's awesome products, their boutique is definitely something we love, too!


Photos from @glossier