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Gwyneth Paltrow’s “All Kinds Of Bonkers In The Best Way” Living Room And The Rest of Her AD-Approved California Home

It's got traditional bones, but she livened it up with some dazzling contemporary finds!

“We built this from the ground up, so it was the first time we’ve ever done anything like that.  It was quite an undertaking.  I think having spent so much time as an expat in Europe, having been exposed to those Georgian proportions and those details, I really wanted the entryway to feel like its own special room.  And so, with the architects, we conceived of having a fireplace which is something you see a lot in Europe.  With this entryway, you see a lot of warmth and welcome as you come in.  The tiles [from Chateatu Domingue] remind me of my time living in London, and just the details… classic and traditional,” says Gwyneth Paltrow, Architectural Digest’s March 2022 cover girl as she welcomes the magazine’s YouTube viewers into her “Open Door” Home Tour.

The Montecito home's interior architecture is traditional, but the furnishings are contemporary, giving an interesting experience graced with a mix of time periods that influenced the home, as the photos in the gallery below describe:

Walking into the powder room, Gwyneth shows its stand-out elements hand-painted wallpaper, an antique mirror and a reclaimed sink.  It has “tons of different textures and metal finishes.  I love it!  It makes me feel very grown up, when I pee in here,” the celebrity says.

In the powder room, the reclaimed marble sink from Stone Objects is outfitted with fixtures from THG, all against moody walls covered in hand-sculpted MJ Atelier covering. Wall-mounted lighting fixtures are by Giopato and Coombes through Studio Twenty-Seven. | Yoshihiro Makino For Architectural Digest

The Dining Room Embraced In Hand-Painted Pastoral Wallpaper

Her friend of 20 years, Brigette Romanek, was enlisted to help her furnish the house.  Like so many who build their own homes, Gwyneth tried to embark on the grand adventure of furnishing her spaces on her own, but “I couldn’t do it,” she confesses.  She had ordered some of the furniture like the Martin Massé dining table from Kolkhoze, a  “beautiful furniture gallery in France.”  Imagine Gwyneth feeding her brood here with pasta and wine.  “It’s just nice that it just wipes right off,” she quips.  Brigette then found the GramFratesi for Porro dining chairs  as well as the chandelier overhead.  “I can’t decide if it looks like a grasshopper or a lily pad or something… It’s a little futuristic for me… and I wanna say we fought, there was some friction, and then we landed on it being pretty cool and fabulous,” Gwyneth reveals.  “[What] I love about it are the pearls.  I think it’s quite beautiful and unique, but it has something kinda Star Trek about it… but I’ve grown to really love it,” she continues.

A reclaimed fireplace warms up the room.  The space exists in a hand-painted embrace of a pastoral scene in grange by MJ Atelier in LA.  

In the dining room, a monolithic Martin Massè table from a furniture gallery in Paris, Kohlkoze, graced with GramFratesi chairs for Porro. Wall covering is by MJ Atelier. | Yoshihiro Makino For Architectural Digest
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Fresh Produce And Pasta For The Kids In This Kitchen

Her kitchen was designed by Roman and Williams, the same architecture firm she collaborated with for her New York apartment.  “I lived in my kitchen there.  It was bright and airy, and white.  It had a lot these similar details in the cabinetry, so I wanted to pull in some elements from the kitchen that they had done for us there, cabinetry being one.”  In terms of layout, Gwyneth has a preference for the range being in the middle of the room because “I cook so much, and  I spend so much time facing the wall, and my kids would be in the room.  When it’s like this, you have the opportunity to cook and chat with people," she states.

 Just like the rest of her home, where she displays a penchant for finishes that have lived previous lifetimes, her kitchen backsplash is made of blue and white reclaimed Portuguese tiles which “Robin from Roman and Williams found.”   She looks for those little elements that bring in a lived-in feeling. 0
The backsplash is made of reclaimed blue and white Portuguese tiles in Gwyneth Paltrow's kitchen. | Yoshihiro Makino For Architectural Digest

The kitchen also has a fireplace, a luxury in the celebrity’s eyes, which takes her back to her time living in London where she had two wood-burning fireplaces in the kitchen.  “It’s just such an important element of beating those cold, dark winters, and I just got so used to having the fires on all the time,” a design element that she made sure was also present in her current California home, something that she expressly asked her designers and architects to incorporate.

In contrast to the previous two fireplaces seen in her home, her kitchen fireplace is finished with a modern fluted plaster treatment, a Pinterest-inspired contemporary touch that gives a dynamic contrast to the reclaimed backsplash tiles, the white cabinets and their brass hardware.

Her kitchen island has open cubbies where she lined up her pots, a dream for her (and for most!), where she can see all of her pots for cooking her children’s favorites, lemon parmesan pasta for her daughter and turkey meatballs for her son.  A big fan of California fresh produce, finds from the farmers’ market help her plan her meals on the fly. A rolling ladder is a unique feature which allows her to reach all the way to the top of her floor-to-ceiling cabinetry.

Blue and white plates are displayed in Gwyneth Platrow's kitchen. Next to it, floor to ceiling cabinetry in a white finish. A fireplace finished in fluted plaster warms the space. | Yoshihiro Makino For Architectural Digest
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A Living Room That Is "Bonkers In The Best Possible Way"

“[The] living room is bonkers in the best way,” Gwyneth proclaims.  Lindsay Adelman, a lighting designer and sculptor “came up with these insanely beautiful installation [from her] Paradise Collection.  It is somehow inspired by Guns N’ Roses.  It’s just so cool!  It was just so nice to give an amazing artist like Lindsay license to do whatever she wanted.  I made no edits.  I just said, “Do it!”  It is the jewelry for the living room.  

The Bar was another internet-inspired vision.  An onyx find from a stone yard finishes this area where she usually serves Japanese whiskey, but this year, it’s all mocktails for Gwyneth, having decided to stay away from alcohol for 2022.  

A swing resides on the side of her living room where a U-shaped sofa with a decidedly 70’s feel takes center stage.  “It’s nice to sit here and be together,” she says.  

Reese Witherspoon, Khloe Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow Are All Fans Of The Home Edit


Reese Witherspoon, Khloe Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow Are All Fans Of The Home Edit

The "Most Incredible" Part Of This Home: The Spa

From the living room, Gwyneth takes AD viewers into the spa area, the “most incredible” part of her home.  “It’s a bit of a spa… Understatement,” she proclaims.  “I’m into wellness, so I feel like it’s justified,  I mean… You know,” she says.  “Maybe I can write it off as a business expense,” she continues. 

This area of her home is something she considers as an invest, a space to utilize into her old age, in her “forever home,” inspired by Les Bains du Marais in Paris.  Glazed, handmade tiles finish the space that include a cold plunge which is “excellent for circulation,” a hot tub, a steam room and a sauna.  The unlacquered brass accent lighting are Roman and Williams’ designs for Waterworks, which are part of the company’s Atlas Collection.  “I come in here everyday,” Gwyneth reveals, “And when I’m in here, it’s kind of like ‘Pinch me.  I cannot believe that this is our house.  It’s so fun!”

Watch Gwyneth's AD Home Tour here:

Cop Gwyneth's Look In A Budget-Friendly Way:


The wallpaper in her powder and dining rooms were hand-painted and crafted by MJ Atelier, whose creations have graced numerous prestigious projects, including the Kips Bay Homes.  While there are similar options available locally, consider this for a fraction of the price:

Custom 3D Wallpaper Mural

  • Custom 3D Wallpaper Mural

Blue and White Plates:

Do you find Hermès tableware too precious for your commitment?  Use these as pops of color in your dining room!

Blue and White Ceramic Plates

  • Blue and White Ceramic Plates


Lindsay Adelman's Paradise Collection is composed of Venetian-inspired glass orbs, metal fringes and brass curb chains, rendering a jewel-like quality to her sculptural accent lighting pieces.   Give your living room or dining room dynamism with this:

LED Hanging Lamp By Ilaw Atbp.

  • LED Hanging Lamp By Ilaw Atbp.

Blue and White Tile Backsplash:

A budget alternative to Gwyneth's reclaimed blue and white Portuguese tile backsplash that's not too precious for oil and food splatters in the kitchen:

Easygo Blue and White Stone Tile Backsplash

  • Easygo Blue and White Stone Tile Backsplash

Black and White Floor Tiles:

Installing square black and white tiles in a diagonal (also called a harlequin) pattern, lends spaces an old world look.  Try these cement Machuca tiles:

Square White Cement Machuca Tiles

  • Square White Cement Machuca Tiles

Square Black Cement Machuca Tiles

  • Square Black Cement Machuca Tiles

Brass-Finished Rain Shower:

The Roman and Williams-design for Waterworks' Atlas collection boasts of a raw brass finish, giving it an industrial edginess.  This is a budget-friendly compromise:

8-In Round Head Rain Shower

  • 8-In Round Head Rain Shower

Raw Brass Cabinetry Pulls:

Like jewelry for your cabinets, these satin-finished brass cabinetry door pulls look pristine against fresh, white or cream-colored cabinet doors:

Satin Brass Door Handles And Knobs

  • Satin Brass Door Handles And Knobs