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We Picked Up 8 Style Discoveries And Closet Tips From Heart Evangelista's Closet Tour!

We've long dreamt about what Heart Evangelista's closet might look like, and it turns out everything we thought it would be was wrong—it's way better than we ever dared imagine!

The actress-turned-artist finally brought her fans on a closet tour to reveal the fashionable wonders that her treasure trove of bags, shoes, clothes, cosmetics, accessories, and fragrnces held, and we were absolutely blown away. The video was posted on her YouTube channel on May 23, earning thousands of views and positive comments in less than 24 hours. 


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Listening intently to everything Heart had to share—from storage tips to perfume care, and all-white outfits to nurturing creativity—we learned a ton from this certified fashionista! And after enjoying 20 gloriously satisfying minutes of this long-awaited closet tour, we're passing on everything we picked up from Heart to help you, and your closet, match her unparalleled style. 

So without further ado, here are eight major style discoveries and fashion tips from none other than Heart herself! 




More than a closet

Just because it's called a closet doesn't mean that it's simply a repository of all the pretty things you've collected over time.

For Heart, the private area is really more like a space space for her to nurture her creativity in and to get some much-needed quiet time. Aside from shoe racks, closets, bag shelves, and a fully-stocked vanity, this closet also has an office (complete with a work desk and a plush working chair) and a receiving area-slash-secret nap room. 

The takeaway? Make your walk-in closet cozy enough for you (and your girlfriends) to want to hang out in it, and don't be afraid to experiment with the space!


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Color code

Now here's a basic closet organizing tip that'll never get old: Organize items per garment type (i.e.: all shirts stay together, all dresses hang in one rack, and so on) and go the extra mile by arranging them by color! It's a foolproof way to keep everything neat and visible. 

However, Heart goes the extra mile by setting aside a rack where she displays all her newest purchases. The purpose of which is so she knows what she still hasn't worn and doesn't forget! After all, we're all guilty of that; buying things, keeping them, forgetting they exist, and discovering them months later, still with tags on.


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Laced up

Heart loves lace. Not only does she think the material is effortlessly chic, but also that it pairs perfectly with Manila's perpetually humid weather. It then comes to no surprise that her closet is pouring with dresses and shirts of different kinds of lace styles, and we're all for it!

It's one way to always look crisp and fresh despite the heat according to Heart, a style hack that all Filipinas seriously need to take note of. 


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Balancing act

Thanks to Heart's countless OOTDs on her Instagram, it's easy to assume that all her clothes are quirky and fashion-forward. However, she stresses that her clothes are actually a clever combo of classic and fun.

She still makes sure to invest in timeless staples for everyday wear (one of her favorite spits being Zara, for lots and lots of her button downs) and saves the attention-grabbing pieces for special occasions (Carolina Herrera, Chanel, and Sandro are some of her go-to brands!).

To add, Heart also stresses the need to invest in quality for luxury pieces; purchase based on the potential for longevity, not simply because of trends.


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Within your means

Here's where Heart surprised us the most: When she pointed out two identical dresses and said she wanted a third in a different color, she mentioned having to work hard before being able to make a purchase as big as that. 

For any fashionista, it's an important lesson to never, ever forget: Don't live beyond your means. A great wardrobe is a wonderful thing to have, but it should never be at the expense of what your financial capabilities can handle. 


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Just as Heart suggested to make your closet as comfortable as possible, she also showed how much of a difference it makes when the decor you choose, the art you hang, and even the color palette you use are all you. 

Everything about Heart's closet is a manifestation of all of her style loves; Parisian charm, her huge love for pattern-on-pattern style, and her inherent creativity. (Yes, her painted Hermès bags got lots of air time in the video!). Consider decorating in the same way: Using what you love and inspires you the most to look and feel your best to surround you when spending time in such a personal space. 


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Space smart

Despite her walk-in closet being much, much bigger than the usual, it's still a finite space which means Heart needed to ensure that every nook and cranny was efficiently maximized.

Layering shelves, adding drawers to otherwise open spaces, custom-made storage spaces to fit odd-shaped corners, and even using the right hangers were all crucial in achieving this. (In case you were wondering, Heart's hanger of choice are the type covered in foam or velvet! They consume as little space as possible and protect delicate clothes from snagging). 


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Fragrance safe

While we all know that it can be tough to care for leather products given the Philippines' climate, not everyone knows that the same meticulousness should be given to perfumes. Fragrances can change (for the worse) if exposed to extreme heat for prolonged periods, and one way to do stop this from happening is to actually keep them in the fridge.

However, Heart knows that it's certainly inconvenient to have a fridge in your closet just for your perfumes (or to have to make space in your kitchen fridge for perfume), so her solution was to install a shelf right in front of her air-conditioning unit! 


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Watch Heart's full closet tour video below, and pick up style tips of your own!




Images from @iamhearte / Stills from "MY CLOSET TOUR | Heart Evangelista" on the Love Marie Escudero YouTube channel