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Heart Of Glass: Lalique Celebrates Its 130th Anniversary

While the idiomatic expression "heart of glass" refers to someone easily broken-hearted or in a fragile emotional state; as it refers to Rene Lalique, it quite literally describes the glassmaking and jewellery prowess that has made his name and that of his Maison the stuff of legends. While the man passed away in 1945, the Maison has admirably continued the work and sustained the devotion to craftsmanship and excellence, and that has made each Lalique piece such a prized possession up to this day. 




Known primarily for his work with flora, fauna, and the feminine figure; Lalique glassware exists in that very fine area that straddles home accessories on one hand, and art on the other. Rustans is the exclusive home of Lalique here in the Philippines, and they recently hosted an event celebrating the brand's 130th anniversary (1888-2018). 


To heighten the celebration, the 2018 Lalique Collection reinterprets one of Rene Lalique’s favorite fauna subjects, the Hirondelle, or the swallow. Fashioned in satin-finished and re-polished crystal, this symbol of Spring, of happiness and freedom, is a wonderful throwback to one of Rene Lalique’s recurring inspirations. 


Lalique at Rustans


Anemones in the foreground, the Metamorphase in the back?


The Languedoc vase?


Amber Buddha


A Hippo head

Highly regarded and described as a sculptor of light, each Rene Lalique piece crystallizes nature and invites us to admire and appreciate its beauty. It is an abstraction, a glass representation of nature and life; but it is something we can take home and possess in a manner that raw nature doesn’t allow. And the ongoing exhibit on the 4th floor of Rustans is a timely reminder of how Lalique’s 130 years of existence have meant that inspiration can come from all over the world—from the sea, from city streets, from the animal kingdom, and from cultures scattered all over the world. 




Photos from @lalique

Vive la France! Vive Lalique!


Photographs by Philip Cu-Unjieng / Lead photos from @lalique