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You Have To See How This Plain And Traditional Condo Unit Was Transformed With An Understated Modern Luxe Look


With the amount of home design inspirations made available to consumers these days, it can be hard to decide on one style to go with. All these spruced up spaces in photos online and in vignettes seen inside your favorite home and living stores give a lot of ideas that could be overwhelming. There’s the minimalist Scandinavian, the colorful maximalist, the sleek industrial, the nostalgic mid-century, among many other iterations. At the end of the day, the style should truly capture the essence of the dwellers' personalities. 

But interior design can evolve with every phase in the homeowners' lives, so to make an easy transition to styles of different influences, the key is to making the base of your home flexible.

Mark Perez, one of Empire Design’s founders, shares a quick tip: "For your walls and flooring, stick to neutrals like whites, grays, and beiges. That way, you can easily switch from, say, shabby chic to contemporary, just by mixing and matching furniture and accessories."

Here, he shows us one of their projects: a condominium unit in a high-rise building that is currently occupied by a Japanese couple. The 3-bedroom space features tall windows that overlook a sprawling park, a beautiful backdrop that steers clear of the hustle and bustle in the city it's built in. The goal is to achieve the modern understated luxury look, a timeless design with a homey and warm vibe.

It didn't look as beautifully styled and decorated as it is now. The place used to be characterized predominantly by dark wood elements that give the house a gloomy vibe. The materials, accents, and even the spaces' layouts look too old and traditional, an aesthetic clearly not aligned with its urban setting.

See the stunning transformation of each space below:






The Master Bedroom

The king-sized bed is styled with yellow and printed pillows. The side tables are adorned with gold, white, and clear décor, stacked with a few books available for bedtime reading. Its drawers, on closer look, feature brass lines that enhance the elegant feel of the room, despite its minimal furnishing. The customized brass lamps make it more chic and classy.




The Bathrooms

The wooden cabinets lend warmth to an otherwise plain bathroom, while the mirrors make the space look bigger.




The Guestroom

Dark blues dress up the guestroom. Bed covers in similar shades, pillows in contrast prints, and an addition of a few black sleek pieces are the key accessories. The view from the window makes the atmosphere relaxing, while keeping with the luxe theme of the house.



The Den

This space can also double as another guestroom, with the convertible sofa. Avoid a cluttered space; arrange your books alongside other accents as well as unique organizers that double as décor. A few accent pieces, like the glass Orlina sculpture, and a few plants liven up the room more.




The Living Room

Plush throw pillows give an instant luxe feel to the living room. Accessories in blues and greens, mixed with a few metal pieces, are chic frills in this area. The block of marble-like wall tile and the golden grid mirror across the sofa are the standout elements in the modest home.



The Dining Room

The real showstopper? The accent hanging light. The geometric base of the table creates more texture, which pairs well with the gold grid mirror, too. The cabinet and shelves in wooden finish balance out the metal elements. More green elements are added for vibrance.





The Kitchen

Minimalism with a twist is the key in this kitchen. The combination of stark white and wood is sophisticated. The pop of royal blue via the accent stools is a welcome addition.



Photographs by Daniel Soriano