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This Quaint Home Will Make You Appreciate Modern Minimalist Design More


For this Empire Design project, the man of the house specifically wanted his unit to evoke a feeling that's both soothing and warm, and a minimalist and modern look exudes that vibe exactly. The pieces of furniture that adorn the interiors are the basic yet key elements needed to create a stylish and functional space; they are complemented by simple yet standout accents. These well curated furnishings go well with the predominantly neutral palette—shades of grays and whites, mixed with touches of wood for coziness and warmth—that gives the condo unit the illusion of a bigger space. A few pops of colors are seen in blues and greens, from tabletop décor to refreshing indoor plants.  

With the man of the house’s busy daily schedule—meetings with clients, personal errands, and dog owner responsibilities—it was a major consideration to achieve a home that's low-maintenance. It was a conscious effort to keep all the major elements simple and classy, while pleasing the eyes with tasteful accents all around this 3-bedroom unit.  

Blinds, instead of curtains that block the sunlight, help in filtering the amount of natural light that enters the space. Masterful integration of prints also adds an interesting twist in the home. 


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This home showcases a play on furniture, silhouettes, proportions and color schemes. Among the key pieces here, the teardrop chair from Fritz Hansen for Dimensione has a unique look that makes the study area look more stylish.

The man of the house’s favorite lounge piece found in his living room is an ultra-cozy couch in vibrant blue. The silver geometric Harver Hill side table is an eye-catching accent in a sleek space. A space-saving console serves as a shoe cabinet. A stylish mini bar cart, topped with basic entertaining items, is placed by the dining area, ready to welcome guests. The deer head upon the entrance is a pre-loved piece from the man of the house’s former home, which incredibly suits his new abode well.

In the master bedroom, the gold geometric pen holder and nature painting are small details that help paint the bigger picture. The other guest rooms are decked with distinct accessories and even a quote on the wall, which is a passage he lives by. An Orlina sculpture put together with the eccentric yet sleek pieces in the living area strikes the perfect balance between laid-back and luxe. The dining table is a great canvas to assemble a beautiful entertaining spread.

They say less is more. After all, minimalism is becoming more and more of a trend these days, encouraging homeowners to curate the accents that go into their homes. Removing clutter and unnecessary things—whether in your house or in your life in general—is the kind of refreshing change you should always welcome.


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Photographs by Paola Aseron