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8 Ways To Redecorate To Increase Your Luck In The Year Of The Earth Pig

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

The Lunar New Year is upon us once more, a special occasion that encourages us all to start things a new. It's prime time to rearrange, revatalize, and refresh key aspects of our lives, one of which is our surroundings—beginning with our homes!


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As the place where we're our most authentic selves and spend much of our time in, our living spaces deserve all the attention come Chinese New Year. After all, according to centuries-old Chinese tradition, physical tweaks and adjustments made in the home can sew positivity and waves of good fortune in the months to come.

By incorporating auspicious colors and decorative item, it's said that you can improve anything from your wealth, romance, professional, health, and overall luck—so pay attention to our decorating advice as inspired by the Year of the Earth Pig below, to make sure you attract as much good vibrations in 2019 as possible!



Earth tones

The approaching Year of the Earth Pig symbolizes neutrality and minimalist living. The animal dominating 2019 is one that's happy to live life without frills or complications, so it's highly recommended that we reflect this simplicity in the environment we're surrounded by.

Do without flamboyance and extravagance and instead, opt to surround yourself with clean silhouettes and earth tones. Soothing sage greens, the full range of beiges and browns, cloudy blues, slate grays, and dainty pinks should be aplenty, and as a plus, Pantone's color of the year (Living Coral) makes a lovely complementary shade to this palette.



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Pig figurines

Of course, you can't do without an actual representation of the animal of 2019: the pig (sometimes referred to as boar), one of the Chinese's most beloved symbols of wealth, abundance, and contentment. Interestingly, depending on where you position your figurine or statue, it can attract different kinds of luck:

  • The southeast corner of a bedroom or family room is the best place for those seeking overall luck.
  • Alternatively, the east corner in a living room is a great place to mount it as it can help improve family relationships and maitain harmony in a home when placed there. 


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Aside from the physical appearances of décor, it's also important to take note of the number of items you group together.

In fact, each Chinese astrological sign will have its own set of lucky numbers every New Year; take note of them as you spruce up your private spaces like a bedroom or bath. Allow your lucky numbers to decide how many artworks you hang, throw pillows you have on your bed, candles you use during long soaks in the tub, and so on. 


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Outdoor living

In the Year of the Earth Pig, don't neglect outdoor spaces like gardens, verandas, lanais, or even balconies and roofdecks. This is the time to spruce them up! Just as cute little pigs in real life enjoy their time spent outdoors, make sure to dress up your outdoor spaces as if you were getting ready to welcome the most important piggy of them all.

Doing so is suggested to amp up your social life and bring closeness in relationships, as beautified spaces can encourage friends and family to spend more time together and bond. 


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If you haven't yet jumped on the bandwagon of replacing single-use items with environmentally friendly, upsycled, or reusable alternatives, this is the time to do so.

The Year of the Earth Pig is meant to usher in harmony with nature—returning to the organic while departing from the synthetic and manmade. Think of plush linens made from fairly sourced cotton, beautiful furniture made from sustainable farm-grown wood, container-free toiletries—the list goes on and on. 


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Natural elements 

Although majority of us might live in highly urbanized communities that disconnect us from nature, it's crucial to bring elements from the outdoors, indoors. Anything that invokes a sense of peace brought about by natural elements will gift one's mental, emotional, and physical health with rejuvenating effects this 2019.

A suitably sized aquarium or fountain for water, wind chimes for air, indoor plants for earth, and candles for fire are just some of the examples you can do to bring the four elements of nature closer to you. Specifically, the addition of a bamboo plant in the western corner of one's house will promote longevity and a year free of serious illness.


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Happy Buddha statue 

Here's something every wants: an effective way to gain financial prosperity! Alongside working hard and focusing on one's goals to reap monetary rewards, positioning a Laughing Buddha statue in major entryways attracts wealth while also warding off loss and misfortune for this Lunar period.

This Buddha statue in particular is beloved for its representation of this spiritual image as fulfilled and brimming to the top with riches; coins, a sack of plenty, and a full belly connoting having your fill of life's greatest pleasures.


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Or rather, a pair of Mandarin Ducks. Place a set of these colorful birds in your bedroom's southwest corner to attract only positivity in a marriage.

At the same time, clear your intimate spaces of relics from past relationships or unpleasant experiences with your significant other to make room for fresh energy—it's another way to ensure that the Year of the Earth Pig will be full of growth for you and the one you love, rather than plagued with stagnancy. 


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