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How To Incorporate Art And Maximize Space In A Contemporary High-Rise Home

High-rise homes are becoming the norm. Apart from the sweeping views of the metro, most condominiums and high-rise apartments come with the security, convenience, and amenities that many people are looking for.

But when it comes to putting together a high-rise apartment, space and design are two of the biggest challenges. What do you do when you have so many art pieces to highlight but so little space to put them in?

Couple and homeowners Enzo and Martina Banson tour Metro Home host Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez inside their beautiful contemporary high-rise home to show that incorporating art and maximizing space are two things that can work well, if done right.


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Maximize mirrors

Mirrors are great ways to trick the mind into seeing and feeling a bigger space. This is why the Bansons’ home is filled with tinted mirrors and floor-to-ceiling windows to let sunshine in. The windows double also as a great opportunity to admire the view.


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The mirrors are tinted so the feel is subtler, while the floor-to-ceiling windows are scattered across the rooms from the living room, to the kitchen, and even to the bathroom.






Incorporating the right artwork

The Bansons are lucky to have different kinds of artworks and sculptures, most of them given as gifts. But with this throve of artworks comes the challenge of putting them together without ruining the feel and theme of each space.

The couple was able to do it well by allocating a certain art piece to each space, matching the theme and the texture while allowing each to shine. It starts in the foyer, where you will be greeted by two pops of art—the bigger one given to the couple by Enzo’s mom for their wedding, while the smaller painting on the table by Dutch painter Betsy Westendorp was bought to complement the colors of the bigger painting.



As you go in, a huge portrait of Enzo’s grandmother serves as the focal point in a space. The painting is an heirloom piece from the husband’s family, an original by the great Fernando Amorsolo. Although the painting is a bit traditional, with the old classic frame, they made it work by surrounding it with pieces and furniture that follow the same texture and shade. Beside the painting is a brassy cabinet and a sculpture by Eduardo Castrillo, an artist known for his works on Filipino history.




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In the dining room, the mood is set by the color palette of the diptych that hangs on the wall. According to Martina, when their place was fairly new, they borrowed a painting from their architect to fill in the blank wall in the dining room. It turned out that the piece really went well with the space so they decided to keep it.



The diptych matches the feel of the furniture in the dining room, from the long black marble table to the brass sculpture accents on the long buffet table. Enzo said that this area was designed to accommodate a large crowd since he comes from a big family.

At the middle of the living area stands a quaint but beautiful Ramon Orlina glass sculpture, given to them by Martina’s father. It shows that many of the art pieces in their home were gifts, and the challenge was really putting them together harmoniously.



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Enzo says, “A lot of these things, we didn’t specifically look for it. But that’s the fun part: receiving all of these things and figuring out the best places to put it in. And in the end, it worked.”


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