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Inside Beauty Gonzalez and Norman Crisologo's Art-Filled Home

Beauty Gonzalez at home


Beauty Gonzalez and husband Norman Crisologo found their home back when she was pregnant with daughter Olivia. After their condominium in Manila had closed down, they had to find a new place for their growing family. They found a one-storey home in a village in the south of Metro Manila. “I love the south because it feels like Dumaguete; it feels like Cebu. Noong una, noong hindi pa ako masyadong busy, ‘Wow, I love this place!’ Now na marami na akong work, I want to go back [to the north]. But it’s a good place for my daughter. Konting sacrifice na lang, thinking about the travel time and the traffic. But it’s tahimik, kid-friendly,” she says. 

“It was a fun experience looking for this home. Inisa-isa namin. We saw this place and we liked it. It’s small but we don’t really need a big house. The interiors are all by my husband. The art is all his stuff. We tend to work together. Before he does something, he asks my opinion. He buys the art, and I bought some of the furniture,” Beauty says.


The living room showcases the huge Jigger Cruz masterpiece in oil on canvas as the centerpiece, with a smaller artwork by Andres Barrioquinto on the side. The shine of the Spun Brass table by Tom Dixon is balanced by the Vito Selma wooden table and Natuzzi Chesterfield sofa. Wrapping the feel of the space is a Moroso carpet and a Murano black chandelier.


Beauty, who shares that she is a vegetarian on weekdays and considers Saturdays as her cheat days, looks fit and fab in this white-on-white ensemble as she stands by their house's living room. 


Beauty bought the refrigerator, sofa, and the table, and the dining area is her favorite because she’s fond of cooking. Her sought-after dishes are lasagna, rabo de toro, beef steak, and humba. “I really like Filipino food. Olivia’s favorite food is everything. But at the end of the day, hindi ko pa rin matalo ‘yung Pinoy-style fastfood spaghetti!”

Each wall in their bungalow home is covered with different art pieces, many of them quite large. They’re renting this house while building their own in Beauty’s hometown in Dumaguete. “And we’re planning to settle there any time soon. Maybe not now, maybe in two to three years,” she says.

Can she see herself raising Olivia in Dumaguete? Her reply? A resounding "yes!" “I want her to live a simple life, to be grounded. Manila is a good place, pero iba pa rin talaga 'pag probinsya. Iba 'pag Manila, hindi sila ignorante. I just want her to have the best of both worlds. ‘Pag pagod na siya sa Dumaguete, she can go to Manila, go shopping,” says Beauty.


This part of the living room that leads to the dining room showcases a vintage Italian bar with assorted tribal artifacts. Also in this space is the huge Ian fabro pen and ink with the Salvador Alonday scupture in front.


"I do the Intermittent Fasting Diet. I don't eat for 18 hours and I eat from 2 to 6PM only. Let's say, if I eat a big lunch, I won't eat for 12 hoursno solid food—but I drink liquids and shakes," shares Beauty. Here, she poses by her quirky dining room.


The assorted vintage chest and chairs and the elegant Capo de Monte chandelier lend a fun, quirky, and old-world vibe in the dining room.


Norman says it’s Beauty’s “pagka-probinsyana” that he wants Olivia to inherit. “They’re conservative but not in a bad way. They’re more traditional in values. Their outlook in life is more black and white, people in Manila are more jaded,” he says.

A life in the public eye isn’t one Beauty sees for Olivia. At a time when many celebrity children have their own Instagram accounts, Beauty is firm about trying to raise Olivia away from fame. No show business, just school, and of course, travel, travel, travel as much as she can. “Pero kasama kami!”

Olivia has become quite the jet-setter, says Beauty, because once she gets on the plane, she’s off to la-la land. She only wakes up for milk during long-haul flights.


More artworks fill this room that's eclectic in nature. It serves as a home theater and play area of Olivia as well. 


Beauty and daughter Olivia


Norman shares that he curated the paintings in Olivia's bedroom to emit a more girly vibe, featuring various artists such as Tatong Torres and Marija Vicente.


Perhaps the one thing Beauty truly hopes Olivia takes after her is her relationship with Norman. Because their baby came before marriage, for Beauty and Norman, it would have been easy to assume that a wedding was just a matter of time. But Beauty says that though Norman had been talking about marriage, she still wanted him to formally ask her and propose as it was only proper. 

Their garden wedding was held on May 6, 2017 in Tagaytay and the reception was at Antonio’s. Their theme was taken from the movie Meet Joe Black and the black-and-white motif and other aesthetics were planned by Norman.

“I didn’t feel like we got married because I went back to work after the wedding. I’ve been so busy but Norman’s been so supportive that I need to do this now,” she says. When it comes to expressing affections, Beauty says Norman is the one who’s good with words—perhaps as one will see through the proposal video—while she’s the one who shows her love. “I’m the one who makes him laugh—he always says that. I’m the one who makes him smile, mas malambing ako. The sweet lines, sa kaniya. Kasi he’s more expressive. Hindi ko kayang i-express ang sarili ko with words. I’m more ma-actions. I do normal things like maayos ‘yung bahay pag-uwi, or with the food. I make sure he has good food and a good home.”

Norman says of Beauty, “I like that she’s very optimistic. Her outlook’s fresh and not naive, but optimistic. She looks at things in a good way. There’s a good balance.” He adds, “She’s straight forward, she speaks her mind, she’s funny. I still cannot get over her accent when she speaks in Tagalog.”



At the wedding of Beauty Gonzalez and Norman Crisologo ...

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According to Beauty, everything she is able to accomplish these days is because of Norman. “Hindi ko ito magagawa lahat kung hindi mabait ang asawa ko sa akin. He says na ‘You need to fill your cup before you fill my cup and Olivia’s cup. You need to do what you want to do and then, when you don’t want to do it anymore—naiiyak  naman  ako—nandito naman kami, maghihintay sa ‘yo.”

As Beauty's hair and makeup preps for this shoot wind down, Olivia wakes up from her nap and Norman brings her to mommy. Olivia sits comfortably and calmly on mommy’s lap. It hardly feels like there’s a baby on her lap, because she doesn’t make any fuss. She smiles coyly, however, when mommy dabs a bit of lip gloss on her lips.

Perhaps, much like Beauty’s journey to her current milestone, there’s no guessing the best that’s yet to come. With her patient and supportive family ready to hold her hand and cheer her on to victories, surely, more good things are sure to come for this young woman with a life of beauty.


Photographs by Paul del Rosario, courtesy of StarStudio magazine