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Inside Piolo Pascual's New Industrial-Themed, Koh Samui Villa-Inspired Home Down South


Piolo Pascual has just completed a new house for the people he loves the most: his family.

The Pascual home is the epitome of sincere warmth and hospitality. The moment the team for this photoshoot arrives, Piolo’s radiant mom Amy invites everyone to grab a plate and get some food, sweetly demanding, “Walang aalis hangga’t ’di ubos ’yang pagkain!”

As Piolo’s sister, Pat, turns on the lights of the hanging LED signs on the wall for the photoshoot, she even casually offers the team some beer.

Piolo is just as welcoming and open as well, walking around without a shirt on, and carrying and playing with his beloved grandson Priam. He would tease people randomly, surprise pranking people he would pass by.

It was like stepping into an ordinary day in a regular family’s home—a lovely, cheerful one. And the secret behind it: the closeness of the family, and their love for travel.

Like many working bachelors, Piolo lived in different condominiums for the longest time with his sister Pat. But finally, after 20 years of living in the urban jungle, Piolo and his family set out to build a home tucked in a quieter nook down south.

“For one, my mom wasn’t getting any younger,” Piolo shares of why they decided to build a new house for everyone. “I was living in a condo for years because I didn’t need much space. But my sister moved back from the States, and my Mom was sounding off, ‘I wanna live in a house na, it’s kind of boring living alone.’ Main reason, really, is bigger space for everyone.”



So they started construction February last year, tearing down the structure of the original house that they bought. By June last year, the house was ready for the Pascual family to move into.

And the practical man that Piolo is, he reveals, “We haven’t bought anything since we’ve moved. All of these are from our old houses and stuff we bought through the years. Right now, we’re still moving things, putting them all together.”

The house, which is inspired from villas that Piolo loved in Koh Samui, Thailand, was created to be practical, with lots of room and fluid space. It was really a collaboration by Piolo, his brother Choi, and their sister Pat.

The industrial base that dominates the walls and the floor was a perfect blank canvas for their many travel treasures, which include handcrafted chess boards from Peru, and huge wooden scrabble boards from Los Angeles.

“I love going on vacations, I love the beach, I love going on travels, I love seeing new places!” Piolo gushes about how his house came together, with accents he picked up from his vacations. “I would always look forward to vacations just to refresh, just to recharge. And I’m a wanderlust. I love to immerse myself in different cultures and different environments, and to really just get lost.”



And so many of the bigger items in the house, too, like the television, couch, and pool table were shipped from a furniture and restoration store in Pasadena. You’d see travel books stacked in a corner, an overseas trinket in another, and their many travel spoils literally making up one whole room.

And this room we’re talking about is also one of the most striking parts of the house, which is the simulated bar area they call the "man cave." An enormous pool table stands in the middle of the room, beside customized bar seating showcasing Pat’s liquor collection. This part of the house is also the most decorated, with their collections of ref magnets and decorative plates hanging proudly along the walls.

According to Pat, they weren’t able to hang up all the pieces of their magnet collection before because of the lack of space in their previous condo. This time, they custom-made a huge magnetic strip against the wall for the magnets, sourced from their travels all over the world. One of their “collect ’em all” pieces are the cool guitar-shaped magnets they bought from different Hard Rock restaurants in different countries.

One of the earliest in their collections, Pat shares, is the 80s arcade machine sitting beside the spiral staircase. This machine is absolute fun: one can play over 101 games with this!

Apart from the beautiful house, the sparkling outdoor pool, the comfortable theater room, and the spacious living area, for Piolo, the best thing about this new house is the thought of finally having a place for his whole family.

“It’s nice because we get to see each other everyday. The best thing about having a home like this is before, the times that we get to hang out with the family is when we travel abroad. Now, we finally have a common house for everyone. It’s like being on vacation whenever we’re here,” Piolo says.

There are still more boxes to be unpacked, and collection pieces to be displayed, but the biggest additions to the house in the near future is the development of the property beside it. They bought the property as a garage for the cars, and to build a basketball court, and an art studio for Piolo’s mother Amy, who paints and sells her artwork for charity.







14 Notable Things About Piolo's New Home

1. The house emanates manliness, order, and a modern style that is characteristic of Piolo. The facade of the house is dominated by brutalist architecture, featuring raw concrete accented by wood panels.

2. Before entering the house, one can't help but notice the shiny black car parked in their garage. The car is a Jaguar sports car which Piolo considers as the sexiest kind of car. 

3. Clean white mixed with dark wood is a predominant combination in the house. The clean white facade accentuated by dark wood continues to the pool area. Generous cuts of glass railing and glass folding doors add to the modern and luxurious feel of the home.

4. The house has an industrial motif. This style is applied inside the house, exhibited in the concrete wall that provides a striking contrast to the immaculate white walls.

5. Generous amounts of light are ushered into the home, thanks to the folding glass doors that allow the indoor to blend with the outdoor. 

6. Piolo is particular about the furniture pieces and home accents. He shares that the couches are customized to his exact specifications.

7. Wood is a key element. Dark wood slats frame the dining room and match the wooden dining set.

8. A home gym is a must for a fitness enthusiast like Piolo. The gym sits right on top of his man cave. This space also serves as a storage room for their bicycles.

9. There is a gallery for his awards. The second floor hallway is lined with Piolo’s many trophies and plaques throughout the years.

10. The balcony provides a breathtaking view of their garden. Right outside the hallway with his awards is the balcony, which Piolo shares is his favorite spot for his “me-time.”

11. Piolo’s room is kept clean and minimalist. The shelf at the end of the room holds his copies of the Holy Bible, leadership books, and various photographs of himself with his son Inigo.

12. His walk-in closet is very organized. A door in his bedroom leads to this room full of clothes and accessories. Piolo shares that before, the items were arranged according to brand. Now, for easy access, the items are arranged by kind instead.

13. The room of Piolo's son Inigo is still going through design revisions. Piolo shares that Inigo is barely at home because of his busy schedule. But when he finally has the time, Inigo says he plans to “graffiti this place out.” For now, a photo of the father-son duo serves as an accent to the stark white wall.  

14. The man cave-slash-bar is everyone’s favorite hang-out spot. Here is where Piolo and Pat’s collections of decorative metal plates and refrigerator magnets are displayed. Piolo shares that there are lots of games all over the house because his family loves playing, and is actually very competitive! Inigo, however, reveals that while his father loves playing pool, "He is very bad at it."



This story was originally published in StarStudio December 2017-January 2018 issue


Photographs by Paul del Rosario (interiors) and Rxandy Capinpin (Piolo), courtesy of StarStudio