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Inside Tommy Hilfiger's Chic Miami Home


Tommy Hilfiger and his wife Dee are avid collectors of modern art, and their passion for art and design are reflected in their new vibrant, funky and cool Miami home. Located in a hidden enclave in Miami beach, the14,000-sq.ft. modern home with beautiful ocean front view is certainly a fun and relaxing sanctuary for Hilfiger’s family. Their Miami home also showcases their personal, large scale and modern art collection.

Through the help of prominent Los Angeles-based interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the couple was able to turn their dream into a reality. The Hilfigers were so inspired by the colors and feeling of Miami, and Bullard was able to translate their vision into a vibrant, fun and stylish home that is certainly attuned to the cool and colorful Miami vibe.

The five-bedroom abode is filled with fun artworks made by well-known artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The mixture of vintage furniture pieces sourced from France and Italy elevates the spaces to an elegant and comfortable living space.

A Fusion of Modern Art, Colors and a Fun Atmosphere

Hilfiger’s favorite space is the living room. The focal point in the living room is the awesome “New Flame” painting that was done through the collaborative work of artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol. The spacious living room with an elegant carpet designed by Bullard, which features lush swirls of white, purple and red colors, simply create a lovely and radiant feel.

With his own love for bold colors, Bullard considers the Hilfigers as dream clients since they enjoy having colorful interiors that complement the lounge type and comfortable furniture pieces and striking artworks in the home.

Since the Hilfigers wanted a fun atmosphere in their home, the elements and modern art pieces selected for the various spaces of the home were curated to add a casual yet invigorating vibe.

The outdoor pool area features a playful sculpture by Keith Haring, which enhances the facade of the home, the billiard room has a car-shaped pool table, and the silver and white entrance where guests are greeted has a Marc Quinn Mickey Mouse sculpture. Another fun space to look at is the guest room, which features a yellow polka dot wall.

One of the rooms that Bullard considers his favorite is the playful yet unexpected red colored screening room that is so Austin Powers and was inspired by the lady of the house’s imagination. It is the perfect room for watching movies and captures the true spirit of the home.

Renovation Challenges and the Spectacular Outcome

Bullard considers the replacement of the beige limestone floors of the home as one of the biggest challenges during the home renovation. He replaced the floors with white and black glass tiles to create a more Miami feel and to expand the space. Another challenge was making the wood and cabinetry in the house since it was high-gloss lacquered and required so much work to be done that they had to turn one of the garages into a spray shop.

In spite of the challenges, Bullard was able to deliver a well-designed home that pleased the Hilfigers. The outcome is what Bullard considers as part gallery and part 1960s-'70s disco madness, and certainly meets the Hilfigers’ expectation of having a fun and psychedelic home.

Photographs by Douglas Freidman courtesy of Metro Society