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Inside Vania Romoff’s Sleek Family Home

The fashion designer gives us a tour inside her humble abode

On the surface, we all know Vania Romoff as the fairy in her fashion empire—the designer womenswear label of the same name. With almost a decade of experience under her belt, hers has become a household name in the industry. This lady boss certainly conquers the world of fashion.

At home, it’s not much different. She’s still queen, but a slightly different version of Vania in the studio.

In an episode of Metro Channel’s Women Of Style, the designer let us in on her humble abode—giving us a tour of her living room and sharing snippets of her happy family life.

Vania welcomes host Joey Mead King inside her spacious home she shares with her husband Steven Füglister and daughter Emilia Simone. The sleek, contemporary space is peppered with elements that depict the outdoors—from countless frames of destination art pieces to a scatter of greenery in vases and in the veranda as well. The interior inspiration stemmed from the couple’s love for nature, revealing a fondness of beach trips and out-of-town sojourns. “Just living in the city, we’re just sort of missing out the outdoors,” she says.

Maintaining the outdoorsy vibe of their home is a breeze, thanks to her husband’s love for plants that he tends himself, as well as the designer’s inkling for flower arrangement. Vania shares, “We try to bring in that little bit of outdoor vibe into the home. I try to bring in as many flowers as I can. I love arranging them myself.”

It’s a place that she considers a sanctuary—a breather from the busy life the fashion world charged at her. That’s why despite being a queen in both her career and family, you still get to see two sides of her reign.

“The Vania that you see in the studio versus the Vania that you see at home, I feel, is very different. In the studio, I'm a go-getter. I have this whole team under me,” she describes. “And then when I get home, I just kick back, lay on this couch that sort of cuddles me in, then just forget about everything and just focus on my family and just being chill."

Learn more about Vania Romoff at home in this episode of Women Of Style:

Lead photo from @vaniaromoff