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All Our Favorite Things About Janine Gutierrez's Cozy Apartment—See What It Looks Like Inside!

Kicking off a brand new year filled with potential and creativity, Janine Gutierrez is treating her followers to a fresh way of seeing the world through her eyes—vlogging! For her first episode, we're being toured around this actress and model's very own home whose pastel palette, statement details, and cozy vibe are giving us major inspiration. 

Check out what we love most about this space, and see what it looks like in the gallery below!



Funky walls and meaningful décor 

While neutrals and uncluttered room divisions are classics that always work, we're big fans of how Janine opted to do something totally different. She picked out statement wallpaper and decorated with a coordinated mishmash of differently sized and colored framed artworks like her favorite paintings, photographs, and posters. 

The highly personal choice shows off her personality, favorite memories, and her sentimentality—an important factor that turns a house into a home. 


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The focal point a.k.a. the kitchen 

According to Janine, she's always wanted an old school Smeg fridge for as long as she can remember because of how cute it is. As an appliance that doubles as a piece of art, her choice of a faded quail egg-blue blue fridge with round corners now sits in a kitchen that's bathed in soft tropical hues; light salmon cupboards, a floor of wooden panels, and sandy walls make the perfect partners to her prized fridge. 

Since her kitchen is seen from every point of her home, she wanted to make sure that it was also the most visually appealing space. 


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Support local

While there are tons of beautiful pieces readily available at furniture shops around the metro, Janine went for a custom-made, rectangular wooden dining table made by local artisans that comfortably sits six. 

We're especially fond of a cute detail that might go unnoticed, but made all the difference; on one side of the table's longer side sits two dining chairs, whereas the other one is partnered with a matching wooden bench. It's a clever idea for making more room for additional diners!

A painting of the ocean that hangs in her dining area is likewise made by local artist Tammy De Roca, who Janine discovered via Instagram. 


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Resort feels 

As someone who loves the beach and sun, Janine made it a point to mimic the resort feel in her condo, despite it obviously being in an urban setting. Indoor plants, a kind-on-the-eyes color palette (especially in shared spaces), lots of wooden elements, and windows that let in natural light were must-haves for her. 

The theme continues to her bedroom where a big and bold accent wall with flamingo design plus tropical plant wallpaper breathe life into the space. 


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Walk in + vanity

Of course, an apartment made for a beauty like Janine won't be complete without an area dedicated for fashion and beauty. 

Hence, Janine's walk-in closet (filled with reasonably priced finds mixed with a handful of luxury items) and vanity were both highlighted, the latter of which we'd love to have for ourselves! A square mirror with professional lighting sits atop a drawer with a glass surface filled with all of Janine's beauty products, its transparent top providing both elegance and practicality. 


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Shelves don't have to be filled with just books; they can be repositories of memories and beloved knick-knacks, arranged in such a way that it all looks like a 4D scrapbook that can, and will, change as life goes by. Janine opted to do her shelves this way, filling it with her favorite classic novels, family photos, her dad's trophies, collectibles, and other unique finds. 


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See photos of Janine's home below!




Gallery images from "My Home Tour ??Janine Gutierrez" on the Janine Gutierrez YouTube channel; banner and thubnail photos from @janinegutierrez