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Julius And Christine Babao's House Is Pretty Much An Art Gallery You Can Live In

Step inside this wondrous abode that's a visual feast for the eyes, mind, and soul! 




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For broadcast journalist Julius Babao and his wife Christine, nothing quite compares to the feeling of being able to call their Quezon City pad, which doubles as an art gallery, home. The residence that houses hundreds and hundreds of eclectic art pieces was expanded in 2013 to accommodate this couple's massive collection and, as one can imagine, it never fails to impress those lucky enough to see its contents up close. 

From hyperrealist paintings, avant garde sculptures, eccentric photographs, double-purpose furniture, functioning installations, elegant homeware, to pop culture collectibles, this Jason Buensalido-designed house has them in abundance. 


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To fill their home with one-of-a-kind art, Julius and Christine have enlisted the help of many a Filipino artist to create original pieces for them or purchased their art, while international artists have found their works displayed in the halls and walls of this home, too. 

Anyone from Gottfried Helnwein, Teofilo Alagao, Vito Selma, Geraldine Javier, Elaine Navas, Rodel Tapaya, Daniel dela Cruz, Yasmin Sison, Sid Natividad, Elmer Borlongan, Reggie Macapagal, Hanna Pettyjohn, Ronald Ventura, and Demi Padua (among many, many others) have found a coveted spot in the Babao residence. 


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In fact, this four-storey family home is so awesomely decked out that it has even earned a moniker: Casa Uccello.

The Italian term that roughly translates to "bird house" certainly doesn't denote that it's small and compact, but rather, speaks about its bird-like silhouette and the adventurous, free-flying spirit of the family that resides within its walls. Not forgetting to tie in faith with her family, Christine also relates the name to the the Holy Spirit, which is often depicted as a dove, and its role in guiding this brood. 




Jason Buensalido describes the house's overall design: "We toyed around with the idea of creating a composition that can transition from old to new, from solid to transparent, from static to kinetic, from mundane to exciting moving. We achieved this through the use of fractals." 

The result is a structure that invites conversation and inquiry—a work of art in itself! 


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As a last thought, those familiar with Julius and his love for art will also quickly recognize that his home is an extension of himself and his tastes in fashion; the dad of two endearingly lives up to his hilarious "hypebeast" reputation among his younger followers, often dressing in street style and mixing and matching wardrobe staples with trendy brands and pieces. 

He takes a similar approach to decorating his personal spaces that never take themselves too seriously; they're a deliberate mishmash of the things that tickle his imagination, a purposeful quilt of visual masterpieces that speak volumes without words. 


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All in all, the Babao residence is definitely one that will always tell a story. Evolving side by side with the family it shelters, we're sure that more can be seen, observed, and learned with the art that this house will welcome through its doors!


Photos from @juliusbabao