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How-To: Keep Your Home Cool This Hot Season

Every summer, many homeowners find themselves having to deal with the hot temperature that's definitely hotter than usual. This season, it does get to a point where the temperature is just too hot to handle. Unless you're living in a villa by the beach, electric fans simply won't be able to cool down the summer heat in the urban jungle.

Airconditioner is especially useful at this time. However, the idea of having the aircon turned on almost the whole day just doesn't sound practical. Now, in which case, the solution that presents itself is to invest in an inverter aircon that is energy-efficient. 

Unlike the non-inverter AC, the inverter type is capable of cooling or heating a room faster, and is therefore more cost-efficient and more eco-friendly.

Check out Dowell's Smart InverTech Aircon. With its inverter technology, it saves up to 60% energy consumption. 




Read up on the three innovative features of this product:


1. C-flow. It signifies the constant current flow of Dowell Inverter Aircon which runs fluently when the set temperature has been reached, thus creating immediate cooling effect and allowing users to save energy and avoid electricity wastage.

2. Eco-Care. This represents the Dowell Smart Invertech usage of R-32 refrigerant, which is said to be the newest kind of refrigerant, and is gaining the most interest today. R-32 carries heat more efficiently, helping reduce electrical consumption. Not only does R-32 help with energy usage, this refrigerant is also mindful with the ecology. R-32 has the lowest global warming potential, thus making it the more eco-friendly option for conscientious homeowners. 

3. Intel Touch design. It has a digital control panel that allows homeowners to choose from several functions, for better and more effective cooling and dehumidifying performance.


The Dowell Smart Invertech is made available in 1HP and 1.5HP capacities.

Photo from Unsplash