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5 Interesting Things We Found Inside Award-Winning Designer Kenneth Cobonpue’s Home In Cebu

Kenneth Cobonpue is indeed one of the gems of the Philippine design industry. He had been recognized in many international publications and won many competitions. He is also known for having his designs appear in various full-length films such as Ocean's 13 and CSI Miami, gracing the concept store of British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, and designing the furniture of many Hollywood A-listers like Brad Pitt.

That’s why one can’t help but imagine what the home of such a fine craftsman looks like. Metro Channel's Metro Home hosts Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez and Anton Barretto visited and toured the house of Kenneth in Cebu for the premiere of Metro Home Season 2, to get a glimpse of the designer’s life behind the limelight.


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Kenneth's style is heavily influenced by nature and his quirky aesthetics—and this easily translates into his home. Anton shares that when Kenneth bought the lot, three huge trees were included in the property. And the nature designer that he is, Kenneth designed his whole house around the trees instead of chopping them.



The outdoor alone is already a beautiful piece of art but indoor is a real feast for the discerning eye. In fact, it is a collaboration between Kenneth and some of his designer friends like Budji Layug and Royal Pineda. Here are some of the most interesting pieces and architectural details that we’ve found inside Kenneth Cobonpue’s home.


Childlike aesthetics and accents

Ever since Kenneth was a kid, he liked to tinker around with scrap wood, metal, and nuts and bolts. And this childlike wonder is one of the things that keeps him designing until now.

This is also why it’s not a surprise to see childlike aesthetics popping in his collections and throughout his home, just like these little trinkets and ornaments on his tables.



Nature-inspired furniture

Many of Kenneth’s designs take inspiration from nature and real-life objects. And immediately you can see this in his receiving area, where he highlights a statement rug painted with flowers. Against the rug are a pair of parchment chairs, which, when you look closely, features folds like real paper.



And behind is an installation called Fan Coral, inspired from the Gorgonian, which is collectively known as sea fans or sea whips that grow in the oceans of the Philippines. The Fan Coral is also interesting because it is made with off-cuts and leftover materials from other projects.


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Rattan genius

Kenneth indeed has a way with playing with rattan, earning him the title “Rattan’s first great virtuoso” from TIME magazine. And one of such rattan creations is this Lasso lounge chair, which was inspired from the age-old story that babies come from storks that carry them in bundles to homes. Imaginative, isn’t it?



An Italian-Filipino collab

There really is something special when two great minds pour their hearts and talents together. And you will find something like this inside Kenneth’s terrace area.

These chairs are designed in collaboration with London-based Italian furniture designer Federica Capitani for Kenneth’s “Trame” outdoor collection. The chair is inspired from traditional weaving in the Philippines, composed of threads intersecting like fingers intertwined.



Helix Stairs

Standing out amongst the many Kenneth Cobonpue pieces inside the house is this huge structural wonder in his terrace area. This staircase is created with no support in the middle and designed like a helix to be able to support the cantilevered steps and its winding form.

These kinds of pieces are the epitome of Kenneth’s aesthetics: design forward but still soft and inviting.



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