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Look! Kim Chiu Showed Us Around Her Bedroom—Here's What We Loved About It

We've admired Kim Chiu in the past for taking us to new, unexplored destinations with her extensive travels abroad, but this time, we're taking things much, much closer to home. 

The actress, singer, and dancer recently published a video on her YouTube channel showing thousands of her  subscribers what her favorite place in her home is like—her bedroom, to be exact! Having recently renovated the private space with the help of her Cebu-based interior designer Janet Lee, Kim describes her bedroom's new palette, décor, and overall structure as more mature and suitable for the woman she's grown into.


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Interesting stories go hand in hand with each change she's made, giving us lots of design updates to choose our favorites from. Check out the gallery below to see what we loved most about her bedroom tour!



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The wallpaper

Kim's use of accent wallpaper in a beige and bold floral pattern was on point! Using it to decorate a feng shui-approved wall (that extends all the way to her incredibly high ceiling, no less) positioned between her bed and door, it definitely added a pop of playfulness in an otherwise purely neutral and dusty rose-hued space. 

There's another design sprucing up a wall between her walk-in and toilet and bath and it's just as cute—it's flamingo-designed!


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The sofa

Considering Kim's showbiz moniker is "Chinita Princess," it's only appropriate to have a regal piece of furniture for her to rest on when her long days of engagements are done. In this case, Kim chose a plush sofa in pale pink accompanied by equally soft and fluffy pillows—fit for a princess, but definitely still girly like Kim's style. 


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The headboard (and bed, too!)

An often overlooked detail, a headboard certainly has huge potential in making or breaking a bedroom's entire asethetic. It's also a lot of fun to pick one out, as there are tons of choices: plush, textured, leather, varnished wood, painted, neutral—you get it. For Kim, she opted for one that closely matched her sofa in both design and color. 


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The (first) walk-in closet

It's every woman's dream to have a walk-in closet to hold their extensive fashion collections, and Kim has more than one! The one in her bedroom is for the casual clothes she wears to everyday engagements and workout clothes, and it's a neat mix of shelves made for hung and folded clothes. Marie Kondo would approve. 


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The bag collection 

As if more than one walk-in closet wasn't enough, Kim has a room within her room devoted solely for her bag collection. According to her, it contains all the bags she's ever purchased since she began her career years ago, and the reason she hasn't let go of even a single item is because each of them reminds her of a special story and  the amount of work she put in to be able to come home with it. 


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See scenes from Kim's room tour and the complete vlog episode below!








Photos from @chinitaprincess and screenshots from Kim Chiu's YouTube account