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Craftsmith Guild's Kitty Bunag Shares Her Christmas Decorating And Entertaining Tips

In photo: Fiddle leaf fig tree in black Capi egg planter from Qach Lifestyle & Garden and bamboo palm in "Garet" pot from Nest Plant Studio


When it comes to curation, Kitty Bunag has a remarkable eye and taste for the beautiful, Instagrammable things and scenes. The co-founder of the lifestyle concept store Craftsmith Living with Mia de Lara, Kitty is also an interior and event stylist and a photographer. Creativity runs in their family, with her uncle (whom she considers as her second dad) providing her artistic inspiration growing up.

The Craftsmith Living store may have closed in April of last year, but the end of this chapter meant the beginning of a new one for Kitty and Mia. 

"Craftsmith has evolved into something much more beyond retail. We now call it the Craftsmith Guild. The past years, we found ourselves working with many freelancers and have been collaborating with other artists, taking on projects together both big and small. From as simple as mural designs to commercial interiors. We welcome all these creatives as part of the Guild," Kitty tells Metro.Style. "We are putting our energy in continuing to make this grow, very soon into another kind brick and mortar, showcasing our love for style and design. Craftsmith Guild is like a 'council of craftsmen,' a community dependent on each other for inspiration, for meaningful connection, for survival."

With this new endeavor, Kitty takes on space design/styling and photography projects, while Mia's role is focused on brand design, graphic design, and mixed media art.


Kitty and her uncle





Lounge setup for @purveyr’s recent Pursuit Fair featuring the Craftsmith lamps.?? #spacedesign #plantlife

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It seems there's never a day in Kitty's life that she doesn't think of creating and exploring different ways to be creative. This passion is mirrored in how she has beautifully and cozily put together their family's home and decorated it for Christmas.


In photo: Indoor plant in a basket from Happy Plant


Here, Kitty shares some stylish and useful Christmas decorating tips:


  • Decorate with real plants. "Shop for indoor plants that can withstand low light and low water. Nothing breathes life into a space like plants can. A home full of living, growing energy is good for the soul."


  • Put candles around. "Whether you love to light them or not, you’ve got to admit that candles enhance the holiday instantly."


  • Go for a play in color and texture. "Almost every space could use a bit of softness. From decorative toss cushions to interesting upholstery, textiles are a great way of adding color, pattern, and texture to your home. Don’t be afraid to mismatch. Mismatch then repeat. The repetition of patterns and colors create a harmonious look."


  • Create pocket-sized arrangements (vignettes) using things you love that tell a story. "Play with contrasts. Think of fresh flowers highlighting the patina of an antique bronze bell, or a delicate woven basket beside a heavy glass bowl with Christmas balls. Also, cozy up your décor. Pieces spaced evenly over the whole surface lose their connection to one another and may end up looking as if they are set out for a garage sale. Snuggle them up to one another and let some of them touch."




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Kitty loves entertaining, too! She has that magic touch, able to make even the simplest things (like a plate of pan de sal, ham, and queso de bola) look chic and stylized in an instant. Her house in Manila has a homey and spacious outdoor area that's perfect for holding intimate gatherings. If you're thinking of throwing small parties at home, too, these tips from Kitty will help make you a fabulous hostess:


  • "Holiday parties are always 'boozy affairs.' Recently, I like having water bars, with a variety of fruit-infused water. Not only do these look pretty, but they also keep the non-drinking guests stay hydrated happily." 


  • "Make your playlist! Nothing like a great playlist to set the tone of the party and allow everyone to feel at ease."


  • "The night before a party, I like laying out all my serving bowls and platters. I check my menu and make sure I have a nice appropriate serving plate and utensil with every dish on the menu."


  • "Invest on nice pitchers. Pitchers make things easier for me. I like serving cocktails from a carafe or a pitcher. Having pre-made cocktails helps to focus more on the guests rather than fixing drinks."


  • "Just focus on creating a cozy vibe rather than striving for perfection. This not a corporate reception. These are for your friends!" 


Produced by Grace Libero-Cruz

Photographs by Pat Mateo