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Kris Jenner's Closet Tour Will Fill You With Wardrobe Envy

"Closet" is a severe understatement for where Kris Jenner stores her fashion collections.



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The head Jenner took her good friend and Judith Leiber creative director Dee Ocleppo Hilfiger on a closet tour that revealed her eye-popping collections of apparel, purses, luggage, shoes, and accessories. 

Describing the luxurious hoard as a treasure trove that's been 62 years in the making, Kris happily told the stories of some of her favorite pieces and provided an insider's look of all her closet's major sections (because, yes, it's big enough to be sectioned into different areas).

We now know that her sparkly gowns have a separate space for themselves, while her evening purses and shoes are displayed museum-style in neat rows, her go-to outfits are designer sweatsuits, and her signature black blazers—of which she has at least 25—are all within reach for ease of styling. 


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Cute gifts from the most important people in Kris' life were also highlighted: a Judith Leiber purse she got in 1980 from her ex-husband Robert, personalized Goyard luggage gifted by Khloe last Christmas, and a butterfly clutch from Kylie, a fellow bag lover. 

While all the contents of Kris' closet were nothing short of awe-inspiring, what was also eye-catching was its very setup. Arranging all her stylish possessions as if they were housed in an upscale boutique, Kris took the time to consider its layout and design.

Full-length mirrors are aplenty, a multi-purpose rectangular island lies at the center, and shelves are outfitted with back and top lighting to bring out even the smallest details of every piece she owns—something to consider for your next closet makeover!


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But even with an almost 10-minute long video showcasing the best of the best of Kris' closet, something tells us that we still haven't seen all of it. A couple of drawers were left unopened and some corners were unexplored by cameras, leaving much to the imagination. (Our guess is prized jewelry!)

To see the closet tour in full and gather inspiration for your next OOTD or closet organizing session, check out the video below: 



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