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Kryz Uy And Slater Young Will Welcome Their Baby With A Whimsical Seascape Wonderland-Themed Nursery

The Sky Pod's newest feature has been revealed. Now, we can't meet the baby who will live in it.

It’s been four months since soon-to-be parents Kryz Uy and Slater Young gave everyone a glance at their humble abode in Cebu. The beautiful glass house they call the Sky Pod boasts of industrial minimalist look with a cabin-like feel, a modern and relaxing space that fits the couple’s taste. 

The home tour, which was published via Kryz’s YouTube channel, showed every part of the house⁠—from the living room to the blogger’s office, and even their master bedroom! Although, viewers have noticed⁠—where is Sky Baby’s room?

“The baby room was empty [back then] so I walked past it,” the 30-year-old shares on her vlog, where she finally revealed what their future baby boy’s room looks like!

The nursery is originally bathed in a gray muted color, but Kryz had more ideas. They asked Slater’s sister, Sheryl Young, to do a mural for the room. “I was thinking about how we could make the nursery a little bit more special, and this was the perfect solution,” the mom-to-be writes. “The room was already in a muted shade of gray, and a statement wall was the easiest way to add a little creativity and character to the room.”
It was Sheryl’s first try at doing a mural, but her piece exceeded the couple’s expectations. The artist worked with Island Paints tints for the project, took a whole two days concentrated on Sky Baby’s pad, and let her hand’s magic do the job. The artist used a projector to protrude her digital sketch on the wall for easy tracing, and painted her way through the design. The result? A beautiful sea-scape wonderland!
“I thought of adding geometric shapes, polka dots, even safari-inspired jungle scenes before eventually settling on this,” Kryz adds further. The sky and sea concept wall featured cute elements for Kryz and Slater’s little boy⁠—swimming whales in the sea of sky along a school of smaller fish, a lighthouse with hot air balloons, the bright sky, and even a cute mini elephant that happily sat on a hill! 
The proud momma can’t help but gush over the nursery. As they present Sky Baby’s cool room to the viewers, Mr. & Mrs. Young also shared decorating plans, like the crib’s placement, how they’ll utilize the shelves, arranging for custom cabinets by the window for baby’s needs, laying gray playmats on the floor, and a lazyboy chair suggestion as Kryz’s breastfeeding area.
We can’t wait to meet Sky baby and see him in his room!
This Is What Dream Homes Are Made Of... Meet Sky Pod By Kryz Uy and Slater Young


This Is What Dream Homes Are Made Of... Meet Sky Pod By Kryz Uy and Slater Young