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Welcome To The #SkyPod! Kryz Uy And Slater Young Reveal Highlights Of Their Cebu Home

Two huge milestones for this engaged couple are on the horizon this 2019: a wedding, and moving into their new home soon afterwards!



Feels like Christmas in the #Skypod ???? Merry Christmas from us and our first ever Christmas Tree! Lol

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Simultaneously coordinating a wedding and supervising the construction of their Cebu-based home—it's a challenge that influencer Kryz Uy and businessman/engineer Slater Young admit that not many couples would want to take on, but not them. 

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From the very beginning, they set a goal in place for their new life as Mr. and Mrs.: to move in together as soon as possible, even though that meant building a structure as important as a lifelong home from the ground up in the course of seven months when, on average, it takes two years for a similar project to be completed. 



But worry not, as they're absolutely sure they can achieve the feat as both activities play on their individual strengths. Kryz is a total expert at event planning, pulling together an aesthetic for a special occasion, and rounding up the best suppliers to make a vision come to life, whereas Slater, being an engineer, is having the time of his life being hands-on with the Young-Uy house—a.k.a. the Sky Pod—in the making.


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Can anyone else be "perfectly complementary?" 



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Giving their followers a tour of the construction progress they've made so far, Kryz and Slater bring us into their home and shine the spotlight on their favorite areas and elements: 



In case you missed it, Slater is the CEO of Liteblock PH, a business that campaigns for a modern alternative to hollow blocks in construction. What better way to promote your own product and prove its strength by using it in your own home? 


Board formed concrete  

This is possibly Slater's crown jewel in their home. Board formed concrete, a subtle detail that's seldom seen in homes in the Philippines, is a construction technique that lends a wood grain finish to a concrete surface. Slater used the method in a couple of walls (such as in the garage and the living room) and he's extremely proud of it!


Indoor-outdoor living

The concept was to do without traditional partitioning of rooms and focus on designing an airy, free-flowing living space instead. According to Slater, the point was to be unable to tell where the outdoors and indoors start or end, especially for the home's shared spaces, and to accentuate the feel of continuous spaces by opting for glass, rather than opaque, walls. 

As an extra tip, they also revealed that they decided to use the same flooring indoors and outdoors, as well as extend their living room wall a few feet outside into their garden to give the illusion that the house goes on and on. 



Rehearsing for next year’s Christmas in the #Skypod. Merry Christmas from the (almost) Youngs! ?? @kryzzzie

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Water works and fitness first 

Here's another way that Kryz and Slater's interests seamlessly converged. In the main vein of the house lies a jacuzzi that opens up to a lap pool (their location being another way for this couple to achieve a resort atmosphere right at home) made specifically for leisurely lounge-y days and nights, and directly behind it is a whole space dedicated for exercise and fitness. 

Most impressively, the mini gym overlooks the pool and the pool's cool, crisp mountainous view—awesome motivation to keep your pace up. 


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Sharpness and light 

Though Kryz let Slater have most of the fun in this project, she insisted on having natural light flow in the house in every possible way; not only does sunlight beautify a space, it's more economical, too. Slater on the other hand, insisted on perfecting the sharpness of the lines (in walls, flooring, and even ceiling). No waves, bumps, or uneven surfaces where smoothness is supposed to prevail; they automatically make a space look more refined. 



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The walk-in closet 

It was all Kryz really wanted for their home, and she got it! Her walk-in closet (the space of which funnily took away the area originally meant for a luxurious bathtub) is comparable in size to the master bedroom and will contain all of Kryz's covetable clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and all; she will also have a beautifully lit vanity area in there.



The house is essentially divided into three neat parts: the living area, the sleeping area, and the working area. And although each space is easily identifiable, all were designed in such a way that every space—be it the living rom, kitchen, mini gym and pool, or back garden—is visible no matter where you are in the house. The idea was Slater's, as he was intent on making sure that his home would never be without a sense of togetherness.


Project Sky Pod

The nickname "sky pod" wasn't without reason. Their home, though located in their hometown of Cebu City, won't exactly be in the heart of the city. It's nestled up on a mountainside, away from urban living's environmental stressors like noise, heat, and excessive lights. The very first space that Kryz and Slater can call their very own is naturally breezy, much more peaceful, and a lot closer to white, puffy clouds. 



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See the complete tour in the video below!



Photos from @thatguyslater