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This Is What Dream Homes Are Made Of... Meet Sky Pod By Kryz Uy and Slater Young

A peek into the beautiful glass house of this power couple

It’s almost two months since Kryz Uy and Slater Young gave us the final look of the ‘Sky Pod,’ as they like to call it, through a vlog tour via Kryz’s YouTube channel. Moving in their very own house named after the couple (Slater-Kryz Young), the Cebu-based pair has been enjoying the married life nesting in their dream house.

The glass house, Slater says, is designed to have a cabin feel. Working with LLG Architects, who did both the architecture and interior design of the Sky Pod, was a breeze, thanks to their similar and matching visions and aesthetic with the couple. And last December, we had a sneak peek of the Young’s humble abode in the south. Let’s take a look!

The half hour video showed us the different parts of the house—from the living to the dining area, kitchen and outdoor pool, home office and bedrooms, even Kryz’s walk-in closet! The place is intended to let lots of natural light come in, thus the dominance of glass in every part of the house. They also made necessary customization for ventilation, supporting the goal of having a bright, open, and airy space.

The industrial minimalist style of the Sky Pod is very evident with the presence of concrete, wood, and metal fixtures. Touches of gold accents and greenery, as well as the placement of pool in the middle of the house, balance an otherwise masculine den. Save for the soon-to-be mom’s personal spaces which feature softer, more feminine sections, the compromise between the couple’s individual tastes suit and complement the rest of the pod.

In the living area, you’ll instantly notice the generous view of the mountainside, while the cozy, large sofa is as welcoming a sight, too! The solid concrete walls with wood patterns (a notable home feature!) and tiles extend to the outside, where their personalized fire pit is located, to create the illusion of a bigger space. Accent pieces stand out in the well-styled spot, like Kryz’s favorite Ele-chair, Slater’s director chairs they got from Design Story, and some accessories they brought home from the recent travels. The climbing men wall hangings from their recent Bali trip and hanging glass vases from Singapore with dried flowers neatly gives a distinct character, and Kryz and Slater plan to slowly add more fixtures from different destinations as they continue wandering the world together.

A few steps take you to their dining area. It’s simply decorated with two furniture highlights—the dining table and the hanging light. The former was a custom-made piece gifted by Slater’s dad. It came from a chunk of wood double its size, halved by his father, and had it finished. The latter is bought from Kenneth Cobonpue called Limbo, an art piece-and-furniture-in-one that captures a spontaneous moment of an aerialist in mid-flight, made of gossamer wires handwoven in a lattice pattern.

The heart of their home, the kitchen, is where guests and the couple love to hangout and chill. It’s mainly marble-designed made from quartz for durability purposes. The wooden bar stools are from Design Story as well, while the nice clear hanging lamps are bought from Lumina Concepts. The area is also designed to be a smart kitchen, with appliances that perform dual purpose and automatic functions for ease and convenience.

The guest room carries the same vibe as the rest of the house, with a bit of an edge. In Kryz’s direction, she herself painted one wall the shade of blue for a punch of character. The rest of the minimalist setup are tasteful choices for one’s comfortable stay—a large, comfy bed with plush pillows and a wall wood-and-metal cabinet that adorns the neutral gray wall.

"It's the pink room!" Kryz gushes about her home office. Followers of this vlogger would be familiar with that pink wall—the usual backdrop of the 30-year-old's videos. Apart from the accent wall that she painted herself, one would notice another wall that gives the room a unique character—Kryz's requested white brick wall. Meanwhile, her custom-built wall cabinet is made by her interior designer bestfriend, with a glass calendar in the middle that adds a flair of personality.

The textured black wall isn't a usual choice for homeowners, but thanks to the abundance of light coming inside the room, the master's bedroom didn't feel dark or solemn. The spacious den is equipped with basic furniture, like their bed, side tables for each of them, and their favorite massage chair. In the master's restroom, Kryz and Slater divided their spaces well—from installing separate sinks to having two areas for their respective closets. Kryz's closet, of course, carries her hollywood lights!

And finally, the poolside and garden area are not to be missed. We can see a pair of Vito Selma outdoor lounge chairs, the couple's cactus, and family photos in black and white. The relaxing spot is a retreat within the couple's house, with an added charm of nature.

The Sky Pod is a home that feels like living on a vacation—only, in Kryz and Slater's case, it's theirs for the rest of their lives. The construction and design of this dream house is reflective of the carefree but still compact bond of the two, an expression of a couple with distinct but compromising characters merged in one spot. We can't wait for them to fill the space up with more things—of souvenirs from their global journeys, of future kids running around, of lush pine trees in the garden that will eventually serve as their Christmas tree, and of memories that will become treasures for a lifetime.