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These Glass Vases From Lalique Will Add A Sophisticated Touch To Your Interior Spaces

There are tons of creative ways to add personality to your favorite spaces be they at work or at home, but for that extra touch of elegance, nothing comes close to an expertly handcrafted eye-catching glass piece. 

Beautiful during the day and alluring under the glow of lights in the evening, glass pieces are a symbol of sophistication and discerning taste; their timelessness makes them a valuable addition to any art collection, never going out of style no matter the year or current trends. 

For those looking to make their first—or next!—glass piece purchase, turn your attention to Lalique, a French glass art specialist that's been around for over a century. 



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Known for creating vases, perfume bottles, chandeliers, hood ornaments, and other pretty display items, Lalique invites glass piece lovers and novices alike to get their fill of a new collection that was up for viewing over this weekend in Shangri-La Plaza atrium. 


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Mounted in parternship with Ikebana International Manila Chapter 108, the event is doubly beautiful as it's not only showcasing some of Lalique's most covetable items, but also delicate floral arrangements to gather inspiration from.



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Lalique crystals and vases will be in the spotlight and a selected set will be available for purchase at discounted rates, all of which will be complemented by floral arrangements by Ikebana Philippines Chapters from Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Davao.


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Best of all, visitors of the event will be treated to a special Ikebana workshop that lets them go home with a little extra knowledge to spruce up their private spaces and make the most out of their new Lalique buys.



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Displayed during the exhibit were pieces from Lalique's Hirondelles line that's often designed with swallows in flight, their wings' texture delicately fabricated onto translucent glass in different hues, as well as a variety of bowls and vases whose inspirations range from the Champs-Elysees, freedom and happiness, and the delicate forms found in nature. 


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With unique pieces from Lalique, now is the perfect time to treat your home or workspace with a beautiful glass piece!

To see the pieces during the exhibit, check out the gallery below!




The exhibit may be viewed till Monday, March 25.