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Innovative And Functional Lighting Fixtures To Create An Industrial Feel To Your Home

Landlite Lighting Solutions, one of the country’s most trusted and reliable names for lighting requirements, just opened a new showroom at Parkwest Residences, BGC. It’s aptly called LuxDecor, which when you put together literally means "decoration in a room that emits light." Not just a regular showroom, it’s also designed to be abstract, where more than 50% of the space are in irregular forms that create a different style, and tease us with possibilities.


One of the lines that Landlite will exclusively carry and display in LuxDecor is the design-conscious decorative lighting company, FARO Products, from Barcelona, Spain. Translated into English as lighthouse, FARO does not just fulfil the role of aesthetically providing light, but also presents other innovative solutions via their fixtures—so much so it’s become a beacon for how design and function can be ingenuously incorporated in a single lighting product. It combines first-rate materials, creative shapes, and innovative use of new technologies. 

Their "Niko" is one example of how these all come together. Looking like a mushroom on a stand, it’s a wall or stand lamp that simultaneously functions as a charger for wireless mobile. The structure has a wooden charger without cables, and a USB port. Imagine this beside your bed, or in hotel rooms.


Niko LED Right white wall lamp

FARO’s "Retro" is a set of designer lamps by Alex & Manuel Lluscá that are inspired by the 1960s, and make for a great conversation pieces or ceiling fixtures. The Lluscá team also came up with "Jarrett," an outdoor light that can function as a garden decorative piece during the day, as it's shaped like a giant milk urn. FARO also has an interesting ceiling fan where everything metal is encased in transparent glass, and the fan blades are transparent polycarbonate. Operated by remote control, there are six dimmable speeds. 


Retro Ceiling Lamp


Jarrett Portable Lamp

Jocelyn Li, the GM of Landlite, is very excited about this tie-up with FARO. It’s the first modern European lighting store here in Manila, and should prove to be very attractive to the new homeowners and interior designers. Barcelona is known to be a European hothouse of style and design, and FARO will occupy a very special place within the floor area of LuxDecor, giving consumers the opportunity to see and own the latest trends in lighting fixtures.



Photos by Philip Cu-Unjieng