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4 Trends To Look Out For When Purchasing Light Fixtures For Your Home This 2019

It’s easy to overlook, take for granted, or disregard the importance of lighting and illumination in our lives, and especially in our homes. And yet, as any interior designer worth his or her weight in gold will tell you, it’s the all-important factor in creating and/or controlling mood, ambiance, and atmosphere. Sensitive issues such as downlighting, spotlighting, a case of too-bright or dimly lit room, and the play of shadow and light in a room can all be dependent on what lighting fixtures are used, and how they are programmed.


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Landlite Philippines Corporation (LPC) recently held an intimate gathering to talk about lighting trends and designs for this year. And pun intended, it was a very illuminating talk. LPC CEO Jocelyn Li was happy to announce that two of the renowned global lighting companies that LPC represents were here as resource speakers. We had Faro, a Barcelona-based lighting fixtures and design company. And from Florence, there was Uozo, a professional LED lighting design and consulting company.


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Seated, from left: LPC CEO Jocelyn Li and LPC brand ambassador Marc Nelson; standing, from  left: Faro Barcelona CEO Xavier Martin, LPC sales manager Dennis See, Uozu Italy deputy CEO Alessandro Porta, and Faro Barcelona sales manager Salvador Marti


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During the event held at LPC’s LuxDecor showroom at Parkwest Residences BGC, Jocelyn also introduced Marc Nelson as their brand ambassador. He’ll be part of their marketing campaigns, and share news about new LPC products. And Marc was more than happy to talk about why this is an exciting partnership for him, having been witness to the core values and corporate vision of LPC and how even before joining their ranks, he saw how LPC worked with entities such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).


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LPC brand ambassador Marc Nelson

As for the talks that ensued, the lighting trends for 2019 fall roughly under four headings: eco-lighting, human-centric, multi-functional, and mobility.

1. Eco-Lighting

Lighting products are responding to the call for reduction of waste, and the promotion of recycling. It’s all about sustainability. Faro has a Hook portable eco-lamp that reduces environmental impact by around 50% by being free of harmful PVC as found in most wires and plugs, with the housings made entirely of recycled plastic.


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Faro Barcelona CEO Xavier Martin


Faro Barcelona products

2. Human-Centric

Lighting designers talk about CCT shifting, which refers to the Correlated Color Temperature of LED bulbs, and can help regulate circadian rhythms, moods, and visual acuity. Lamps designed with this in mind will have heads that adjust both in horizontal and vertical axis, while regulating light intensity, changes in color temperature, and dim levels.


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Hand painted bulbs

3. Multi-Functional 

Consumers today seek lighting solutions that can replace multiple pieces of equipment. It’s all about value for money and space-saving. And that’s why the NIKO by Nahtrang is such a godsend; it’s a lamp and mobile charger in one. Plus, you get to charge your smartphone without any cables or wires.


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Niko by Nahtrang

4. Mobility 

A response to those who are outdoorsy in nature, a good example of this would be the Takeaway Lamps of Nahtrang. Inspired by lanterns and the versatility of Japanese ceramic bowls, these lamps are small, light, cable-free, and nomadic, allowing them to be brought with you and placed anywhere.


In truth, it’s not just about lighting up your life, it’s also about anticipating your needs, and recognizing how different people will require different solutions. 


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