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Check Out The Luxurious Interiors Of The Boutique Hotel Nadine Lustre Stayed At In Seoul

L'Escape Hotel is a boutique hotel in bustling Seoul designed by French architect, interior designer, and garden designer Jacques Garcia, who brought the deep, dark drama of 19th century France to the one-of-a-kind property.



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Jacques Garcia, a visionary loved all over the world for his atmospheric work on boutique hotels beautiful enough to double as living museums, was the only architect L'Escape's executive team had in mind for this project.


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Wanting to give justice to the hotel whose very name suggests escaping the humdrum of ordinary living, Jacques conceptualized something never before seen in South Korea's hospitality scene, something that would prove to be a truly unique experience for both local and international travelers. 



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The result is nothing but spectacular: Paris, at the height of its aristocratic opulence, comes alive once again, the hotel in which its details, color palettes, and interiors appearing to be stuck in time.


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Unlike majority of Seoul's neutral-hued, fuss-free and oftentimes minimalist hotels, Jacques' L'Escape is majestic, indulgent, and intricate. If we didn't know any better, we'd think that it was a production set for a period movie, rather than a place to check into. 



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You'll find no generic walls done in beiges and browns here; instead, alluring violets and ox blood-red-themed wallpaper line both hallways and guest rooms, even dining outlets and private bathrooms. The floors are designed to complement them with equally bold choices of black and white check patterns, royal blue rugs, emerald green carpets, and grainy wooden panels.

It's an aesthetic that Jay Gatsby himself would approve of. 


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Stepping inside L'Escape's guest rooms, one will immediately notice how the bed is the focal point. 

Inviting mattresses paired with feather-soft pillows are almost always given an imposing headboard with a matching canopy, both outfitted with patterned fabric of florals or recognizably French design. Its surroundings, however, are just as pretty to take note of; unusual lamps are a common accessory of Jacques' as the interlace of light and shadow play a big role in his designs. 


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In the case of L'Escape, the French architect set his eyes on fringe-heavy lampshades done mostly in ivory and gold—a combination that never fails to evoke romance and intimacy. Other room furnishings are just as in-theme; bookshelves, side tables, lounging chairs, and sofas are all period-specific and done in the same block color choices and richly textured material. 

It's safe to say that Jacques could have lived a life during the turn of the century, as he perfected every detail—from door knobs, to cabinet handles, to curtain ropes—to a tee. 



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Taking note of L'Escape's location in the heart of one of Asia's most popular destinations, Jacques also creatively infused strokes of eastern influence in the hotel's overall theme; rather than just make it purely French-inspired, he devised ways to combine this with elements from "oriental night life." (Think Chinese cult favorite, In the Mood for Love, but with more emphasis on interior decorating). 


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The concept extends to L'Escape's restaurants, Palais de Chine (a collaboration with Hong Kong's Mott 32), bar Marque d’Amour, fine dining option L’Amant Secret, and sweets and desserts shop Le Salon. 



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Having opened just last July, the avant-garde L'Escape was envisioned to be the trendsetter's haven in Seoul. It was meant to target young professionals desiring a completely new travel experience from most of South Korea's more traditional and conservative options, a description which appealed to our very own Nadine Lustre right off the bat.

She is, after all, a trendsetter and a bold fashionista. Just as the L'Escape is unafraid to be different and a sight to see, so are its guests. 


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Boasting of 204 guest rooms, 80 of which are suites and compose of 10 different room types, L'Escape definitely has room for everyone. 

See more photos of Seoul's first urban French-style boutique hotel:




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