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Get Your Hands On Our Top Filipino-Made Home Décor Picks At The Likhang Habi x Kultura Bazaar This Weekend!

Summer is prime time for redecorating your favorite spaces at home and at work. 



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Whether you're looking to include a pop of color in your creative thinking space, add a statement piece in your family den, or completely overhaul your guest house interiors, locally sourced and made products from this proudly Filipino bazaar will surely appeal to those with an eye for beautiful things!


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Going beyond aesthetics, there's also a good cause behind the weekend-long event. The bazaar is a partnership with Kultura, everyone's go-to store for elegant and world-class Filipino crafts, and HABI: The Philippine Textile Council.  


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Together, their goal is to promote Philippine cotton, textiles, and traditional artistry through products and designs that are relevant and sought after by today's discerning market.



You'll spot lots of rattan, raffia, and pandan-infused accessories, while items highlighting centuries-old weaving and quilting techniques kept alive by indigenous people across the country will also be front and center.


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With every purchase you make, you'll be helping talented Filipino craftsmen and artisans keep their art alive in the years to come, promoting Pinoy crafts to the world, and best of all, announcing that you're proud to be Filipino! 

Here are our top picks from the bazaar that you shouldn't miss: 


Milvidas' plant hanger that'll make a great additional to any porch, veranda, or patio. The string is made in nylon or sateen, so it's sure to withstand the elements! 




Also by Milvidas, these floor poufs come in different designs and colors. They're great for homes with lots of energetic kids (or adult guests!) who love to hang out with the family and lounge about on lazy days! 




These cheerful-colored shawls by Creative Definitions are multi-purpose; leave them on your comfy sofa and they can double as lightweight blankets and cover-ups for binge-watching weekends, or leave them in the car to shield yourself from strong AC—trust us, they'll come in handy for when you want to nap during a traffic jam! 




Other than the shawls, other textiles with fresh patterns are also made available by Creative Definitions. Feel free to get creative with them like these blue and white pieces reminiscent of a fresh summer day. We imagine them to look good as table runners, or a decorative piece to leave on a guest bed. 




Lanao del Sur's okir design from Tugaya is the star of Balud Craft. This take on an authentic Filipino furniture classic, the baul (a.k.a. chest) is exquisite, making it beautiful enough to become an heirloom piece; its durable wooden case is inlaid with covetable mother-of-pearl or nautilus shell.




Balud Craft continues to impress with the Maranaw Balud: a versatile textile that features a wave motif, a tribute to the Maranao people's tradition of living by the water. In fact, the Maranao are often referred to as "people of the lake." 



The Likhang Habi x Kultura Bazaar is happening today, April 13, to the 15th at the SM Mega Fashion Hall. For more information about Kultura and its uniquely made Filipino products, visit its official website.


Photos from @habifair @kulturafilipino