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This Hotel In Batangas Is The Total Definition Of Luxury—Here Are 20+ Photos To Prove It

How would you define luxury? They say it begins when necessity ends, while others say that grandeur, extravagance, and class all rolled into one is its perfect definition. We see it everywhere—in couture fashion and high-end beauty looks, gastronomic treasures and world-class services, elegant homes and personal chauffeurs, and more. Everyone has their own kind of luxury, like this hotel in Batangas named Luks, the Turkish word for luxury. This 11-loft property is your own private escape that speaks of lavishness and comfort. It’s truly fitting to be called Luks Lofts Hotel & Residences.


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Welcome to Luks Lofts’ classy and homey accommodations where you’ll get to experience a different kind of privacy complete with everything you’ll need for a weekend to remember.






Homey replica

“This place looks like our home,” says Bernadeth Baco, one of the owners of Luks Loft. The overall look of each loft is a miniature version of their home, from the beautifully integrated home living setup with a pool to high-tech installations. Bernadeth’s husband, Shami Khokar, owns a software company called IntegraNet, which offers technological advances as business solutions, and their home became a testing ground for the company’s products.


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The couple built Luks Loft to serve as a showroom for clients who’d like to experience their products and services. It wasn’t long until they convinced themselves to open it to the public as a 5-star luxury hotel. Since 2016, their lofts have been the talk of town. And it’s easy to see why.


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Real staycation

With staycation all the rage right now, the idea of Luks Loft simply fits. Your own private place with everything you need to unwind and relax for the weekend? Count us in.

On the first floor, you have a plush entertainment area, spacious dining and kitchen, a sauna, and a jet pool. Upstairs, your bed awaits with all the luxurious features. And, of course, the Internet is superb.


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The spacious living, dining, and kitchen areas are all equipped with the essentials, guaranteeing a comfortable stay. There’s no need to go outdoors.


The Honeymoon suite is the only loft with an entertainment area consisting of a mobile television, billiards, and extra couch for the newlyweds.


Luks Loft provides an interactive communications and entertainment system, a first in the Philippines. Simply put, it works like this: all your needs can be requested through their Smart TV and tablet, whether you’re ordering food, requesting for a spa service or housekeeping, looking for a movie to watch, Skype-ing with your friends, and the list goes on. Just a tap and lo! your order is served.


The bar area where you can order cocktails or relax and get a massage.



Loft living

Luks Loft is a modern home away from home. The inspiration behind its establishment came from Shami’s numerous travels around the world, from his apartment in New York City until he finally settled down in Batangas, where he met Bernadeth and got married. “All my life, I’ve spent traveling. I visited a lot of nice hotels, but I didn’t find one where you can stay all the time and not get bored, be private and forget the outside. That’s the whole concept,” he explains. So he created his dream accommodation, and exceeded expectations.


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Posh dining furnishing await the guests.


With an eye for beauty and impeccable taste in design, each loft’s interiors are sleek and striking. As you enter your room with a facial recognition technology (no need for key cards!), you’ll be greeted with mirrors to make the big space look bigger. The fine furnishings have a luxe yet minimalist look, every detail has its own purpose.

There is a limit to the number of people allowed to stay inside each loft, so that each guest can maximize the experience.



And, of course, the food is not to be missed. The restaurant is exclusive to hotel guests only, so as not to compromise the dining experience. The menu, boasting of the couple’s comfort favorites with a culinary spin, are to-die-for. Must-try dishes are the Wagyu Chateaubriand Steak and Orange Chicken, to name a few. And don’t miss the molecular gastronomy choices on the dessert menu, from the zesty Fruit Spaghetti and the rich Molecular Egg with Chocolate-Dipped Bacon, to the decadent chocolate mousse and the refreshing mint sphere, each spoonful will have you craving for more. The mini-bar serves coffee, cocktail, and wine, depending on your preference.


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Wagyu Chateaubriand Steak


Perhaps the best thing that you’ll encounter in Luks Loft is the excellent staff service. Shami and Bernadeth emphasize Filipino hospitality, which, combined with all of Luks’ features and services, will make your stay one for the books.

The husband-and-wife team shares their hopes to build another hotel, this time, in Manila, and to make their system smarter. With such a promising start in their humble spot in the province, it’s exciting to see what’s next for them. But for now, let us have our break as we take a dip in the jet pool inside our private loft, and raise a champagne glass to the “lüks” life!


Photography by Paola Aseron for Metro Home & Entertaining