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Make It A Blissful Christmas... BE more than DO

Mindset coach and personal branding guru, Martine de Luna is all for a meaningful Christmas... She shows us what this means when it comes to decorating for the holidays

Martine de Luna has been known for her work in transformational coaching.  Simply put, she helps those who are ready to for the next big thing in their lives, by guiding them towards the next steps to fulfill this.  Transformational coaching is about helping people take action on improving themselves and their lives by guiding them through the changes they are making. Unlike “life coaching” (which changes how people act), transformational coaching helps clients change the way they see themselves,” she says in her website.

She is in the business of re-inventing.  Whether it’s self-image or a business, she does it all in the name of bliss.  I guide women as they create changes in their lives, so that they can truly be blissful, peaceful and free, no matter what stage of life or business they are in,” she says.

This ethos easily translates to Martine’s decorating style for the holidays.  Guided by her passionate pursuit for a meaningful life, Martine says, My dad had a dislike for overly-‘department store looking’ Christmas decors and treescapes, so I think I inherited that, and that’s why my decor has always been very personal and meaningful to my kids especially. I do believe creating the space at home for a meaningful Christmas is most important; it’s a time of the year when children get to believe in magic, in giving, in miracles. Instead of making the focus all on getting, I encourage parents to have a purpose for why they decorate, too.”

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This Christmas season, there may be those who are not in the “holiday spirit,” and I feel that expression has been rather one-sided towards a certain perception of Christmas. It is comforting to know that Christmas is the coming of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. Christmas as a season is marked by waiting (Advent), a darkening (Winter Solstice), the commemoration of a traditionally Christian feastday celebrating Jesus’s birth (Christmas). Regardless of religion, it is a season of the coming of Christ Consciousness, something we are all familiar with — a loving, compassionate presence. Channel the Love/Light within you. BE extra loving, understanding, kind, compassionate and forgiving to — 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 your children (instead of requiring conditions from them to earn your love and presents); 🖤 those who are separated from family, or those who have lost family; 😞 those who are depressed, anxious (instead of eschewing their feelings, just simply be there for them); ... or anyone who simply isn’t or does not want to be Christmas-y with you. We could go on about how this season was a pagan feast day borrowed and appropriated by a particular religion for an agenda. We could argue about how the first Christian-Jews worked tirelessly to connect old testament prophecies with an actual man who was born legally in Nazareth (fact: not Bethlehem), in an attempt to legitamize that the Jesus man was a messiah (which they successfully accomplished, hence the magnitude of the Christian Faith), and fulfil an agenda. We could go on about how the Star was a real entity studied by astrologers, and how it never was in a December sky.... etc, etc, etc... ... and there is so much more. We have had the “claim to Christmas” conversation for years and have allowed it to divide us enough. It is not important, to say the least; why else would Christ, as an ascended master, preach only One Message, “Love one another.” A timeless message, is it not? We could very well take pause, have a silent night, and take these words to heart. So again, this Christmas, let Christ Consciousness be born in us: the Love, Compassion, Forgiveness (he preached enemy-love), and Oneness that Christ stood for.

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She elaborates, “We don’t have decor themes; our tree simply represents the children. This year, I decided to give them free reign! I have a basic pastel & whimsy thing going on, which I implement with vintage-looking pastel baubles and candy-stripe ribbon. But everything else is made by the kids, or they are one of a kind ornaments bought on occasion. So you could say that yearly, our theme is “a blissful Christmas.”

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One day before Advent! This is actually my favorite part of the holiday season: the days leading to Christmas (not Christmas itself). For this year, our #AdventCalendar was an idea from Pinterest. Each day leading up to the setup & assembly of this paper tapestry, the kids each made an animal-shaped envelope. I have no illusions about my kids’ skills; this was a joint effort of me free-tracing the decals of the animal elements, them cutting out what was easy and moderately challenging for them (Vito has always disliked scissor cutting ✂️, but through daily repetition and reinforcing the goal of this end result, he improved each day and now appreciates paper cutting — a little bit 😂) I used some old Christmas boughs of wire, paper and faux berries, twisting them together to form the branch. (I have used these boughs in previous, simpler Advent calendars. Check the #ablissfulchristmas feed for it.) Tomorrow we begin seeing what tasks we shall do each day. Nothing like the anticipation of each kid in opening an envelop and discovering what it is. This year, in honor of our wildlife represented here, I’ve tied some activities to animal efforts and creation consciousness. May you have a creative & conscious Advent, my loves! How about you? Do you do the Advent rituals? I’d love to know how you do, and also answer any questions you may have about it. It truly is my favorite part of the season!

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Like most families, Martine anchors hers in traditions, and during the holidays, she offers her children a significant way of feeling the blessedness of the season.  Because Christmas is about celebrating the miracle of Jesus’ birth, and believing, Martine ushers the season in mindfully, set in the purpose of commemorating the gift of Advent. “We have our annual Advent Calendar. You can see different versions we have had throughout the years in the #ablissfulchristmas feed. It’s a tradition founded on my own experience as a child, with my parents and my brothers, when we would light candles on the Advent Wreath each night of Advent and say prayers. In our family, we do the Advent Calendar as our tradition. Advent is actually MY favorite part of the season, because it’s like a little bit of Christmas each day. This year, our Advent Calendar is a product of daily paper cutting in between October to November, when we made animal envelopes. Inside each is a task for the day; the kids complete them as preparation for Christmas. It’s the best part of their December! Today for instance, we will make food baskets to give to the local church’s donation drive… What matters isn’t so much how you gather, but with whom. I’d rather BE more than DO, when it comes to Christmas. This is why we prepare the home to be a Christmas haven we wake up to each day of the holidays: There’s nothing really that beats that feeling!” Martine says.