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Get Inspired To Live The Minimalist Lifestyle In La Union’s Burt Little Home

“Simplicity will make our lives easier and meaningful and it is reflected through the space,” Burt Little Home owner, Troy, says about living the simple life in a minimalist home

“How can we make a space that is meaningful and beneficial for me, the users, and the community?” This is the question that Burt Little Home owner Troy asked himself before he and his partner Lala decided to build their cozy, tiny countryside dwelling. Their humble home rental, located in a seaside town in La Union, isn’t just an ordinary accommodation that you can rent for the duration of your vacation when in the north – it offers peace, serenity, and lessons on maintaining happiness with simplicity.

Burt Little Home has an older sibling called Burt Select Shop, a concept store that holds beautiful furniture and objects. “I wanted to put my energy into something more meaningful,” Troy recounts on opening the shop. A little later, however, as Lala moved to Surftown after quitting her job in the city, they realized the need for a long term investment. Luckily, they found the lot – and started building ideas on creating a home that reflects themselves and their lifestyle.

An Introverted Facade Hides A Secret "Japanese" Garden In This Minimalist Belgian Home


An Introverted Facade Hides A Secret "Japanese" Garden In This Minimalist Belgian Home

The minimalist tiny home is literally a small space – a 35 sq.m. abode boasting of clean lines and provided with only the basics you needed on the daily; however, it’s thoughtfully curated and designed that it’s similar to stepping inside the zen. Troy points out how spaces such as this doesn’t require a lot of space, but should focus on functionality to make it work.

“By eliminating the non-essentials that doesn’t serve the space such as visual clutters, we were able to achieve a clean design. Earth tones, natural materials, and alignments give us a more grounding and non-stimulating experience,” the man of the house reflects on the property. “We also believe that your space is the reflection of your mind.”

He admits that it was a challenge, though, to source for materials and fixtures in the province. As they were presented with limited options, they adapted to the availability of items in La Union for their design. This mindfulness also contributes to their cause, thus less products brought in from Manila for the home.

Entering Burt Little Home, you’re greeted with the main door – a gateway of sorts that Troy describes as “the purgatory between heaven and hell”. They created a dark and enclosed entry space to give a psychological boundary between the inside of the home and outside world. 

You’ll instantly notice the warmth inside, thanks to natural light from the window bathing the space. The big windows were retained from the old water station -- which gives a sense of history to what it is now, the man of the house explains.

This Minimalist Furniture Store In La Union Is Inviting You To Live Simply


This Minimalist Furniture Store In La Union Is Inviting You To Live Simply

Their open area puts together everything the simple space offers – a place for lounging, sleeping, dining, and cooking. He muses how its flooring is ample enough for people like them who practices yoga – made more special with the sunlight coming in during the day. “Bringing in the morning sunlight is very important for sun salutation, that’s why we made space for the skylight to let the morning sun penetrate not just for the user, but also for the tree,” Troy says.

And yes, there’s the cute living being in the midst of it all, a centerpiece that lives with its residents: The Tree. “The space is relatively small, but we decided to make space for a tree to bring oneness to the human and nature experience even when you are in an enclosed space. Ideally, we will put a tree that can repel mosquitoes since there are a lot but due to budget constrain, we decided to put a tree that will radiate lightness to the space,” he adds.


When asked about the lessons in living in such a humble place, Troy breaks it down to a single word: openness. “To let go and not be in control. Simplicity will make our lives easier and meaningful and it is reflected through the space,” the man of the house answers.

While going for simple might seem easy for others, it may prove to be intimidating in reality. The couple’s advice when aiming for a minimalist design? Follow its main principles -- form follows function, limit material palette, remove excess, clean lines, honesty, light, and landscape.

And if you ask him what the best thing about living in Burt Little Home is? It’s also pretty straightforward. “We think the best thing about having and living in a minimalist tiny home is you become extra intentional with everything-- from movement to the things that you bring inside since you have a limited space,” he smiles.

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Photographs Courtesy of Burt Little Home