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Mother's Day Gift Guide: 20 Novelty Finds Your Mom Will Love To Have At Home

Truly, there's no place like home.

More so, there's no place like a home that mom always makes warm and beautiful no matter what, making it a place that we return to with only smiles and memories to last a lifetime.

So this upcoming Mother's Day, we're helping you give your moms the best gifts she'll surely love to have around at home.

Choose what suits her the most with this carefully curated list of items that won't only be elegant additions to her homeware collection, but also precious gifts that carry special meaning for you, her, and the whole family. 


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For the mom who loves her trips down memory lane: Nixplay's digital picture frame

Here's our take on bridging tecgnology and nostalgia in a stylish way. With a digital picture frame that can store photo album after photo album's worth of images, mom can easily revisit family memories with the swipe of a finger, or just sit back with her favorite beverage and watch the images play.

How the frames come in different sizes (some are small enough to keep by your bedside while others are large enough to be hung like a painting) and are motion-sensitive for energy-efficiency are a plus for us. 


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For the mom who can never have enough knick knacks: Fornasetti's display items

Here's a brand that's favored by some of Manila's top event stylists and caterers for its eclectic design catalogue and attention-grabbing items that the display item-loving mom will surely obsess over. We're fans ourselves, as their products are one-of-a-kind and never fail to trigger inquiry from anyone who notices. Their Roman goddess-inspired designs and animal prints are gorgeous!

Offering anything from umbrella holders, to charger plates, key dishes, jewelry boxes, rugs, cookie jars and beyond, Fornasetti is bound to be her next home makeover's theme. 


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For the mom who insists on organic eating: Sur La Table's AeroGarden Harvest

As adults, we now know the value of a balanced diet, but it never fails to make us laugh about all those times when mom incessantly bugged us to finish the veggies on our plates before playtime! She only wanted to keep us strong and healthy after all, so to thank her for this once misunderstood effort, we're looking at Sur La Table's AeroGarden Harvest. 

The nifty soil-less, indoor mini garden lets families grow their own veggies and herbs with a ton of fun, sans the mess and the need for a big outdoor space. It's a great investment for moms who insist on healthy eating and are hands-on in the kitchen. 


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For moms in love with organizing: Muji's multi-purpose items 

Marie Kondo has nothing on moms who run a tight ship; and by tight, we mean perpetually, immaculately, unbelievably crisp and clean! Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a place that's nice and tidy and free of clutter. The space feels automatically more restful and at ease, and just plain cozier.

And while we know that it can be difficult to be neat all day, every day, something to help make this easier is to have the right boxes, drawers, containers and whatnot at hand. Check out Muji's wide selection of neutral-colored multi-purpose items that aren't just useful, but also heavenly in their minimalist design. They'll fit in any area, regardless of your home's aesthetic.  


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For bedroom-focused moms: Ralph Lauren's linens 

Everyone has a favorite part of the house, but it's hard to argue with moms who always want their bedrooms—their innermost sanctum—to mimic a magazine-worthy spread at all times.

It's where they have their most private and unguarded me-time, so why not make it better with a luxurious touch from Ralph Lauren? The American company makes bedding collections that are so pretty that they become the centerpiece of a bedroom and can set the tone of a space. With designs that range from fresh and dainty to contemporary and sleek, you can't go wrong with RL's linens.  


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For moms into floral décor: The Glass House Flowers' creations

Almost every mom loves flowers in any form, so you can't go wrong with a gift like this.

With the Glass House, gift-givers are free to choose from a bucket-style bouquet, a clear box to house fresh blooms for a modern effect, and even specially shaped flowers and containers for the occasion. You can also customize an arrangement should you wish to add extra goodies like edible mix-ins, a card, or other small items you know your mom will appreciate. 


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For moms who love to lounge: Casa Consunji's pouf and pillow selections 

There's nothing quite like the feeling of extended conversations with family in the living room with the sofa—and floor—filled with everyone from mom to dad, to the grandkids. 

Something to make times like this even more heartwarming is having huggable, soft, and statement-making poufs and throw pillows at the ready for more comfortable seating. They're the elevated, grown-up versions of the beanbags that the kids and teenagers of the clan used (and possibly overused) for a time! Turn your attention to those available at Casa Cosunji.


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For the fitness buff mom: Mirror's Home Trainer

This is seriously one of the best inventions we've seen in 2019, fitness-wise, and we're sure all moms who make sure they're always in shape will fall head over heels for it. 

This item is literally a mirror that you mount on your wall, but rather than just show your reflection, it acts as a screen that projects an image of a gym trainer to help you make sure that your form and pace are on point, depending on the workout you choose. It syncs to your smart phone, too! This product essentially brings the gym and your preferred trainer to moms, for their convenience.


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For the mom who was born to cook: Tefal spherical pot rice cookers

Moms who are goddesses in the kitchen likely already have a complete set of basic equipment and a handful of advanced items needed to make their famous dishes. What they'll want are the more unique finds that allow them to experiment with their go-to recipes. 

We've discovered that French cookware and small domestic appliances manufacturer Tefal has recently brought to the Philippines a first-of-its-kind spherical pot rice cooker. Inspired by the palayok or the traditional claypot that Filipinos used for cooking in the past, this revolutionary product uses the Tefal Spherical Pot technology that makes each grain of rice fluffier, flavorful, and superior in texture, made possible by its 62-degree golden angle that gives the ideal circular heat convection. It also has a 3D heating feature that results to optimal and balanced cooking performance, as well as Artificial Intelligence Technology with Fuzzy Logic that enables the rice cookers to determine different types of ingredients and deliver the best cooking performance.

What's more, the Tefal Optimal Spherical Pot Rice Cooker (RK8145) model has 35 built-in cooking programs that can cook a variety of ingredients beyond rice including clay pot, porridge, congee, steam, slow cook, soup, or even dessert. The Tefal Initial Spherical Pot Rice Cooker (RK7405), meanwhile, also have nine cooking programs to choose from.    


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For the mom who's also the hostess with the mostest: Jacobsen's Salt Co. salt vials 

Your mom's already proven her taste in tablescapes and menus for every kind of occasion. Now it's time to focus on the main event's details that make all the difference, especially when it's time to start heavy pass around cocktails or sit guests down at the table for the feast ahead.

Mom's bound to make a great impression with Jacobsen's Salt Co.'s salt vials that are as interesting as they sound. Sourced from all over the world, the salt that these small containers hold pack a punch and take those fortunate enough to get to sample them on an international culinary journey.


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For the artistic mom: Sunprint's solar photography kit

If she thinks she's done every DIY and arts and crafts project there is to accomplish on this planet, she's mistaken. Surprise your artsy mom with this super cool, super different gift that harnesses the power of sunlight to create photographs. 

It's an unusual find that'll surely pique her curiosity, the results of which she'll be proud to hang on her favorite wall of artworks at home for visitors to see and inquire about. 


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For the techy mom: Anki's Vector robot sidekick

She's grown used to Alexa and Siri's company, so it's time for an upgrade. Enter Vector Robot, a.k.a. "the good robot" whose main purpose is really to be a futuristic "pet" or companion at home. He (or she) is cute in every way, and helpful!

Vector answers questions, responds to movement, and even knows when to head over to its charging port when its batteries are running low on power. Best of all, you can sync it to Alexa, and the two gadgets can work together seamlessly. It's essentially like having the charming Wall-E from Disney in your own home. 


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For the mom who loves to luxuriate in baths: Royal Craftswood's bamboo bathtub caddy

Whether mom likes to sip on wine, catch up on her favorite Netflix shows, do a little bit of reading, or finish up on work emails on her iPad while she soaks in the tub, a caddy is what she needs for efficient and safe multitasking.

Equipped with lots of slots, nooks, and other features, this product was made for moms who can never be in the tub for too long. 


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For the bookworm mom: Michelle Obama's Becoming 

When this book hit shelves in Manila, it sold out almost immediately. 

The biography that focuses on former First Lady Michelle Obama's life in the White House, her upbringing, and everything she's learned from being a wife and mother has inspired millions of women worldwide and is a must-have for any shelf or home library of the most well-read people you know. Start with your mom, who for sure will chuckle at some of Michelle's all-too-relatable anecdotes about mom-centric experiences.


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For the mom with a green thumb: Happy Plant Co's potted greens

It comes to no surprise that lots of moms have green thumbs, as it's simply another manifestation of their inherent instinct to nurture. Give yours the opportunity to let this quality shine with a set of Happy Plant Co's cute potted plants that aren't just decorative, but also help clean the air, absorb mold, conjure calming effects, and provide multiple health benefits in indoor spaces as well. 


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For the quirky mom with a unique sense of humor: Gift Australia's novelty loo roll

This mom will argue that there are no rules that state you can't have a bit of a laugh even when you're sitting on that throne in the bathroom. 

On Mother's Day, let her have her harmless fun with this hilarious take on the bathroom staple. It's a toilet paper roll that's meant to entertain, rather than just clean up, when you're doing your business in the toilet. 


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For the mom who works from home: Leather.PH's customizable notebook sleeve

A stay at home mom might be there because she's caring for a new child, running a business from the comfort of her house, the desire to focus on homemaking responsibilities or any other reason, but regardless of the "why" behind her decision, she'd definitely still love to feel productive and efficient. 

One way to up her motivation and always remind her that she's her very own boss is by gifting her with a no-nonsense, power-evoking piece from leather PH that's as durable as it sounds, yet pretty, too. The local company can personalize a sleeve for mom's planner that's full of her to-do lists or her notebook where she keeps all her bright ideas and important reminders in.

A monogram, her name, or initials would be great ideas! 


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For the career-driven mom: Healthy Options' lavender essential oil

Concentrating on building a career while raising a lovely family is no easy feat, and if we're being honest, is really one of the most stressful things a mother can ever go through. 

The many responsibilities might cause bouts of anxiety and sleepless nights, so to help combat this (and as a thank you for mom's efforts to remain driven no matter what), get her a stash of essential oils from Healthy Options, specifically lavender. The mild floral scent is known to aid deep sleep and encourage physical and mental relaxation—perfect after a long day, or even week. 


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For moms who want efficiency in their kitchens: Whirlpool MWP 305 ES Vancouver microwave oven

On-the-go moms will especially love this new product from Whirlpool. Perfect for heating up food for the family once everyone gathers for dinner or even midnight snack, this one is no ordinary microwave oven. It's built with an integrated handle and touch-screen design, making it very easy to use. It also has a 30-liter capacity that includes the grill and steam function that makes it flexible for all kinds of cooking needs. 

This microwave oven was recently launched alongside two new Whirlpool products: the new and improved Bloomwash Inverter Plus washing machine and the revolutionary Quattro French Door Refrigerator.


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For moms who love decorating the home: Mireya vases from Crate & Barrel's Spring/Summer 2019 collection

Moms who love decorating always want to see new items to make their homes visually interesting, refreshing the interior spaces every chance they get. Crate & Barrel's spring/summer 2019 collection features a covetable array of beautiful finds fit for modern spaces. The collection is divided into three categories: Casa Modern, Crate Modern, and Apartment Modern. 

Each of these three categories is made to elevate the look of the home with an artisanal feel, even lending it a mix of LA hip and Mexican modern aesthetic through accents like artisan ceramics and textiles, rustic woods, treated metal and recycled glass. 

We especially love the colorful Mireya vases handcrafted by Portuguese artisans, who finished them with a crazed glazing that gives each one a unique look. The modern colors and shapes—a playful combination of angles and curves—make for a fun collection, whether grouped together or scattered throughout the home.


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