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These Famous Nancy Meyers Movie Sets Will Inspire Your Next Home Makeover

There's just something about filmmaker Nancy Meyers' movie sets—beautiful kitchens, cozy bedrooms, and lovely living rooms included—that makes us want to redo our own homes the moment we step out of the movie theater. 


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Big open spaces, a thoughtful play on neutrals, a ton of natural lighting, and that inviting, familiar feeling of home are some of her signature design elements and, really, who wouldn't want to have their favorite spaces patterned after this? 

Famous for big screen favorites like The Holiday, Parent Trap, The Intern, Something's Gotta Give, It's Complicated, What Women Want, and Father's Bride to say very least, Nancy's definitely mastered the art of creating covetable interiors, and with a visual guide, we're here to show you how you can best incorporate Nancy Meyers' style into your homes. 



Photos from @nmeyers



House within a house

Nancy's bedrooms are pretty much their own standalone space. That is, they're complete with lots of nooks and micro-living areas that they feel like they're a teeny tiny home inside your actual house. They're never just about beds and bathrooms; bay windows with a spectacular view, a lounging sofa, a well-equipped work desk, and lots of additional functional elements should all be present.


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Fine dining

While all homeowners consider it common knowledge to make a dining area a focal point, Nancy emphasizes the need to dress up an outdoor space, too! There's so much you can do in an outdoor dining area considering all the landscaping possibilities, the installation of romantic evening lights, and the outdoor furniture you can mix and match. When it comes to outdoor dining, Nancy's style is still all about combining neutrals with comfort.


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Sneak peek at Reese's kitchen patio in #homeagainmovie!

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While it's a huge advantage to have the luxury of big spaces at home, for those who have to work around less spacious abodes, here's a hack to keep in mind: the less walls, the better, and always remember that big arches in place of traditional doorways are your best friends! This continuity between rooms is a staple feature in most, if not all, of Nancy Meyers homes; everything feels connected and there's an obvious ease of movement.


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I've got pregnancy on the brain! A new one is about to arrive. #mybeautiful daughter #fatherofthebridepart2

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Cozy feel

Notice that a cozy couch accessorized with throw pillows and a chunky blanket, bar stools and dining chairs with soft seats, and plushy living room furniture you can't wait to dive into are always in the scene when it's Nancy directing. Doing without sleek designs and lots of straight lines, this is a technique she uses to automatically make a home appear lived-in, despite being brand new.


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Speaking of Irises...

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As with the most beautiful works of art, attention to detail is what really makes the difference. Applying this to decorating your own home, you must make sure that a space looks good up close, and from a distance. Group textures, use personalized details, and accessorize meaningfully to invite guests to survey rooms more closely, and as for getting them to appreciate a view the moment they see it from afar, it's all about getting your color scheme just right; you can never go wrong with neutrals paired with pops of color in blush, sage green, or hues of rose.


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Photos from @nmeyers