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Stylish Ideas To Spruce Up Your Favorite Nook At Home

Clockwise from top: Pineapple vase and blue velvet couch, NEST Furniture; Vases and marty occasional table, Triboa Bay Living; Rag from Nest Furniture; Tombo side table, Triboa Bay Living.


We all have that one favorite spot in the home, the one we find ourselves always in, whether it’s to listen to your favorite podcasts or album, read a few more pages of your current book, or simply to browse your digital device a few minutes longer. Usually, this spot has your most favorite chair in that very accessible spot.


Clockwise from top: Mirror and couch from NEST Furniture; Vase and leaf side tables, Triboa Bay Living; Rag, NEST Furniture; Reba Stool from Dimensione; Oris round lantern, Triboa Bay Living. 


This season, make sure you spruce up that favorite nook of yours. Perhaps by adding an interesting side table? How about peppering the area with more greens in eye-catching vases? Or consider what’s behind and add an interesting backdrop to it? A deep-colored wall adds seriousness and maturity to even the most playful of furniture, for example. A gorgeous antique mirror adds depth and elegance to rustic furnishings. The key is finding a balance in your special nook and to make sure that it works for you.


Britt Dining Chair, Triboa Bay Living


Flower Perjola, Dimensione


Pelite stool, Dimensione


Sakura Table, Dimensione


Mia Side table, Triboa Bay Living


Photography by Daniel Soriano