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This Collection Redefines Modern Bathrooms with Practical Comfort and Clever Functionality

Progress, travel and a borderless world have all had an impact on our lifestyles and our needs and wants. Bathroom designs have evolved, turning functional spaces like the bathroom into living spaces.

As we explore simplicity in modern living, consumers are also seeking smart convenient functionalities in all aspects of their lifestyles. With the Neo Modern Collection, we explore tangible, ergonomic details that will elevate user experience.   




The Neo Modern Collection celebrates simplicity in an innovative way, drawing ergonomics and usability into a harmonious synthesis with a modern look. Comprising a stylish toilet and minimalist faucets and fittings, the collection incorporates clever functionality in every detail for an enhanced and lasting practicality which readily transforms bathrooms into beautiful havens to relax and recharge.

Available in one-piece and close coupled designs, the Neo Modern toilets boast a trendy look with its elongated seat and thin-edged seat cover design. Toilets come with ComfortClean, a ceramic glaze that not only provides long lasting protection against bacteria and germs, but also ensures a super smooth surface, even after years of use. They are also equipped with a ‘Quick Detach Seat Cover’ mechanism for easy removal of the seat cover, allowing for easy and thorough cleaning. Ingenious functional details such as an extended Easy Lift lever for the seat cover, gentle and quiet closing action of the seat and a unique tank lid design which allows house-proud homeowners to place their décor items, are well integrated with the Neo Modern toilets’ progressive look to enhance the practicality of this ware. Even better, the toilet is water-efficient, using only 3 litres and 4.2 litres of water for each half-flush and full-flush respectively.

As beautiful as it is practical, the Neo Modern faucet’s minimalist but sensual form injects a good dosage of contemporary touch to the bathroom. Available in both mixers and mono faucets, the faucets also come in standard and extended versions that match with vessel basins. Made for a higher degree of user comfort, the gentle upwards arc on the lever follows the contoured movement of the fingers in a lifting motion. Its high-spout design and ample space between the spout and handle also allow for ease of use, especially for males with larger hands. This faucet is also constructed to provide a smooth handle control for optimal precision and comfort. 

Neo Modern's basins come in a variety of vessel, wall hung and pedestal versions. Sporting an elegant curved rim, these basins will surely stand out discreetly in a modish setting.

The Neo Modern Collection is the latest to join American Standard’s extensive range of reliable and well-designed sanitary wares. True to our intent, Neo Modern combines convenience and smart functionality that satisfies the criterions of a modern bathroom while remaining relevant to the needs of today’s families and that of future generations.

Each individual piece that makes up the Neo Modern collection is carefully designed to perfectly match each other, creating a seamless bathroom environment for all to indulge in - what American Standard calls a Perfect Match. These individual pieces can also be paired with other American Standard's collections, creating a Best Match option that offers a design flexibility that caters to every design need.