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Pantone’s Newly-Launched, Extremely Cool Lighting Fixtures

Pantone, the popular color chip company and global authority on color, has launched its first-ever lighting collection done in collaboration with Danish lighting company e3light.

Like color, good lighting is key to setting the mood and ambiance of a space. Dubbed as the “Coll.One series,” the Pantone-inspired collection features six elegantly minimalistic, modern, and Scandinavian-inspired lighting fixtures. Simple Pantone color swatches meld beautifully with the clean lines and silhouette of each piece.

Styles include a Drop Pendant, a Pendant Lamp, a Table Lamp, and a Floor Lamp. Lamp shades are also available in four styles or sizes—Sargas 25, Sargas 45, Mintaka 25, and Mintaka 45—which may be added to the pendant, table, and floor lamps. Check out the pieces below:


1. Deneb Drop Pendant Lamps

Available in Cardinal red, Sargasso Sea blue, Forest Biome green, Pewter, Black Beauty, and Brilliant White color options, this sculptural lighting would give a space a touch of chic modernist style. Check the gallery to see how this will look with a lamp shade.


2. Castor Hanging Pendant Lamp

Sleek and elegant, this pendant lamp is finished with a sanded matte coat that is combined with a glossy, white accent rim. Statement-making, you may use it as a single piece or create a color-blocked set of lighting mixing its Pewter, Black Beauty, and Brilliant White shades.


3. Antres Floor Lamp

This lacquered steel lamp with a rubber-lacquered base has a timeless and modern design that will lend a bespoke feel to a space. Mix it with a lamp shade to complete the look.


4. Capella Table Lamp

Add a stylish and functional element to a table, night stand, or a cabinet with this uber chic and simple lacquered steel lamp. Style it with a lamp shade of your choice.


The pieces are available on


Photos from @lightcolorlive