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This 1,190 sq. m. Resort-Style Property Is Made Up Of Three Houses

Simple, functional, yet impressive all the same, this house is a paragon of good taste, and an exemplar of the popular resort-style house. The property is new, the owners just moved in last February. Designed by WTA Architecture + Design Studio, the home is actually three houses, all built within a walled enclave.

Upon entering, you immediately feel like you’re in a posh beach resort, with a beautiful pool, and a vista of three modern/international-looking buildings with their concrete facade, airy design, and clean monochromatic aesthetic.


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Secluded from noise

Going further into the enclave, you see the apparent separation of the three houses, all three facing inward. Together with the grand lawn and swimming pool, the space reflects a serene atmosphere, secluded from the noise of the outside world.


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Each structure is home to a family from the same clan, but the main house, the one to the left of the main entrance, is the pièce de résistance in the whole compound. Another unique feature is the basement, where an astonishing 13-car garage is found. The main kitchen is also found underground, and all three houses are accessible through the basement as well, certainly a unique feature for private homes.


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“The entire lot is 1,190 sq. m,” explains WTA Architecture + Design Studio managing director Melissa Mae Tan. “The requirement was to build three houses in a family compound. The owner also wanted privacy for himself, and his sons who will occupy the two other buildings. The swimming pool is also an important feature, since it’s the favorite playground of our client’s grandchild.”

The two cadet homes are also uniform in design, with the main houses having the more impressive aesthetic. In the master home, the ceiling is higher, the finishings, more premium. The entire interior aesthetic is dominated by wood, white colors, and gray hues. “The wood imparts warmth in the homes. The owners also wanted a white overall look,” shares Melissa.


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Wood and white aesthetic

The kitchen also follows the wood and white aesthetic of the main house’s living room. The chandeliers and dining set are from Casabella, found in BGC. The kitchen has a nice open atmosphere. Natural light floods the entire space, thanks to the all-glass design of the dining space.


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The light reflects beautifully on the clean white cabinetry of the kitchen, while light brown bowls, chairs, trays, and other décor make a nice foil to the monochromatic theme of the area.

Through the glass sliding doors of the dining area, one is afforded a near 180-degree view of the courtyard, with its playground for the kids, the well manicured lawn, and the two other houses. The space is perfect for the couple to see and appreciate the property and their kin.

After the kitchen, we tour the master bedroom, which looks as sumptuous as the interiors below. The wood on white theme is still apparent, and so is the generous high ceiling found in the living room.

Notable among the features of the master bedroom is the adjoining vanity room, built to the specifications of the owner’s wife, according to Tan. The room is a huge open space, possibly even bigger than the bedroom.


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After the tour of the house, we bumped into the owner’s grandson, who was playing at the swimming pool, splashing and laughing.

Seeing the frolics of the grandchild, with the household looking on, we understood the heart, soul, and concept of the space—that of the family, and the love for the next generation. This resort-type home is a paragon of good taste, and, as it turns out, of good family values as well.


*This article was originally published in Metro Home & Entertaining magazine.


Photographs by Paul del Rosario for Metro Home & Entertaining magazine