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You Have To See Restoration Hardware's Newest "Design Gallery"—It's Gorgeous!

With a brand new location that houses beautifully curated vignettes, to-die-for indoor and outdoor lounges, stunning combinations of glass, steel, wood, and concrete fixtures, as well as the innovative addition of a posh roofdeck, an A-list bar and restaurant, and in-house concept design studio, Restoration Hardware has officially re-written the way we experience—and enjoy!—shopping for our homes. 


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The luxury US-based brand is committed to ditching everything we've learned to expect from drab furniture showrooms, and instead, gives us all the right reasons to be excited about seeing what they have in store.

Strap in, because there's 70,000 square feet of breathtaking home and living shopping space to see!



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In a time when the home furniture and fixture industry is being reinvented by the infinite rise of e-commerce and digital shopping trends, Restoration Hardware (RH) CEO Gary Friedman defiantly looked the other way and steered his company in a totally different direction: he supported the massive overhaul of RH's brick and mortar stores and visualized the new structures to be something their clients would be shocked to see. 


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The risk was real; when key players in the industry were closing down shops and bolstering their online operations to adapt to current business trends, RH chose to invest in rebranding their physical presence as a key attempt to become a market leader. 

Lo and behold—the strategy was exactly what they needed, and then some. An applause-worthy 34 percent increase on the company's earnings was reported in June last year, and it's a figure that's predicted to go on a continuous rise in 2019. 



The legendary Boston flagship store #RH ??

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But enough of the numbers behind the magic—what about the new and improve RH stores have made them so lucrative, so fresh, so Instagram-worthy? 

To put it simply, they're incredibly beautiful, and boy are they ingeniously laid out! This is especially true for their newest location in Nashville, Tennessee that opened in June last year and attracted legions of the stylish city's well-heeled. 


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What greets visitors is not the usual posh space with expensive pieces lined up in neat rows and a neutral color palette fit for the Queen herself. What is there, however, are four spacious floors of clever artistry never before seen in a furniture gallery.



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The first floor doen't even have any furniture for sale, or at least, not blatantly. 

RH Nashville's ground level is all about inviting shoppers to drink and dine at the Barista Bar, wine vaults, and their adjoining restaurant where trendy "ingredient-driven" dishes dominate a lip-smacking menu and glasses of rosé or cabernet can be ordered then nursed while browsing the rest of the floors that feature all of RH's pretty finds. 


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Founder and President of RH Hospitality Brendan Sodikoff purposely made sure that the unique dining location would (pleasantly) catch shoppers off-guard and draw them into the experience of the re-branded RH. There, they not only whet their appetites, but enjoy the atmosphere of a space decked out in RH products and the RH aesthetic, whether they realize it or not. 

Statement-making chandeliers, a 12-foot tall fountain, exotic flora, plush sofas, a brass and glass elevator, and floor-to-ceiling windows are some of this area's elements that have made it a popular destination for the stylish set. 



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On the second floor (which shoppers arrive at via staircases lined with illuminated mirrors and gold antique fixtures) is the RH Design Atelier where décor dreams basically come true. Professional decorators, architects, and clients deem this their sacred space as they can let their imaginations soar as high as the 65-foot high ceiling from where even more magnificent chandeliers hang. 


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Here, shoppers are more than welcome to discuss their plans for renovation or building a home from scratch with a team of the city's most sought after talents once they've made an appointment. 



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By the time shoppers make their way up to the third floor, they might finally come to the realization that the RH Nashville design gallery essentially takes them on a journey and has a logic to its layout. After having their fill on yummy treats and meeting with experts and deciding on a peg for their homes, they arrive on the third level where selections from RH Modern, RH Baby & Child, and RH TEEN are put on display. 


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You can imagine that this is where the fun really begins, and by this time, shoppers have already endeared themselves to the store and more likely to leave with the purchase. 

As CEO Gary Friedman described it, the whole point was to blur the lines between home and hospitality, residential and retail to provide guests with a memorable experience that will reset the bar for their furniture shopping expectations. 



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Last but certainly not least is the fouth floor, an open-air, multi-level, indoors-meets-outdoors space aptly named the Conservatory & Rooftop Park. With 11,000 square feet of space, this is no pocket garden in the middle of the city.


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It's lush, cool, and incredibly refreshing for the eyes and mind—a lovely message to send guests that with RH products in their home, they too can recreate this feeling of serenity and time standing still. Best of all, shoppers can certainly order another round of their favorite drinks to be brought up here where they can look over balconies at the photogenic cityscape, or simply sink into one of the many soft cushions while talking the day away. 



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With the success of Restoration Hardware's new business model and their rebellious strides away from the norm, how could you not want to drop by yourself? 


RH Nashville, The Gallery at Green Hills is located at 2101 Green Hills Village Drive. Visit their official website for more information.


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