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Rooms In Focus: 10 Rooms With A View

Experience being in someone else’s room in another country, looking at their view with Window Swap… it certainly beats quarantine boredom

Happy August! In Manila, we started the new month on a weekend, and were just greeted with a Monday morning announcement of a more severe form of quarantine. We’re back to MECQ (Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine) tomorrow. It’s a move that many advocated for the sake of our medical frontliners. As we continue to stay home to do our part to help the COVID-19 efforts, we choose to exercise our faith, continuing to hope and believe so that we see better days that consist of the guaranteed health and safety for our frontliners; the end of COVID-19;  admiring another country’s architecture, design and art; travelling; the romance of waking up to a poetic view for a few days or weeks; seeing the world in another culture’s perspective and being educated about how people around the world live.

If you’re like us who take comfort in looking forward to experiencing another room, and a different view as we sit in quarantine, you will enjoy Window Swap.  In a nutshell, this is a site that lets you see through someone else’s window in various parts of the world.  Honoring the fact that most of us have become arm chair travelers in quarantine, Sonali Ranjit created this site with her husband to keep everyone’s spirits up during this seemingly endless time.

“My husband and I were growing bored with the view from our window – so we created a place on the internet where you can open a new window somewhere else in the world!  A place where strangers can swap views from their windows to help us all feel a little bit better till we can (responsibly) explore our beautiful planet again.  Look through an open window in countries like Colombia, France, India, Thailand, UK, Sweden, Canada, and Argentina,” she states in a Bored Panda article.

There is undeniable thrill in vicariously living  life in rooms around the world through this site, gazing out through someone else’s window.  Start now .

Here are just some of the views you will see when you log onto Window Swap: