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EXCLUSIVE: No Time For Window Shopping? Society’s Finest Personalities Just Launched An Online Interior Store Perfect For Busy People!

Let’s be honest: not everyone has the privilege of time. And this was a fact Jam Chan-Cua, entrepreneur, marketing manager, and furniture and lighting expert, came to accept.

She was newly married and was about to move into her new home when she realized she hadn’t finished shopping for furniture. So after work, she braved traffic and headed to the mall, only to be left frustrated. “It was my first home, and I wanted everything to be perfect! I wanted specific styles and colors for our bed sheets and dinnerware, but they were either out of stock or not available.” She was busy, and she was running out of time. “I was left with no choice. I ended up buying whatever was available in store, and went home with items that weren’t really my style.”

That’s when she realized that there was something missing in local e-commerce: an online marketplace for all things interior. She tapped her friends who also share her love for home and design—and eventually, Nest Manila was born.

Joining the team are some of society’s finest personalities: entrepreneur, TV host, columnist, and “eventologist” Tim Yap; television host and blogger Divine Lee-Go; interior designer, reality TV judge, and blogger Cat Arambulo-Antonio; author, host and blogger Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi; and marketing and PR director Monique Jamlang.

Jam takes pride in the diversity of personalities within the group, believing that their differences make the team work. “Each of us has different aesthetics for interiors,” shares Jam. “This really makes Nest Manila more unique—it can be seen from our well-curated collection and the articles we write on the site.”


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The newly launched online store specifically caters to home and living, and that is why its name takes inspiration from a nest—a place for shelter. It’s a marketplace filled with unique, beautiful finds—and the best part is that you can shop without even having to leave your home.


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What makes it different? Aside from being an e-commerce platform, Nest Manila also features Nest Stories, a blog where partners and specialists share tips and tricks on home and living. Nest Manila hopes to become a directory of home specialists in the Philippines—anyone from interior designers, architects, and contractors to general cleaners, pest control, and window remodelers are welcome to join the community. It’s a place where enthusiasts can share their works and talk about their passion for home and design.

In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, Nest Manila’s president and founder Jam Chan-Cua and marketing director Monique Jamlang share all the details behind their newly launched business venture.



How do all six of you work as a team?

Jam Chan-Cua: We hold monthly meetings to stay aligned. Monique [Jamlang] and I are both in operations while Stephanie [Zubiri-Crespi] is Nest Stories’ editor-in-chief. Divine [Lee-Go] is taking the lead for our Cebu merchants, and Cat [Arambulo-Antonio] and Tim [Yap] are spearheading public relations. Everyone also contributes an article every month—we talk about our struggles and tips on designing homes!


Why did you decide to partner in this business venture?

Monique Jamlang: I am so busy, I don’t really have the time to go to the mall and go window shopping. Most of the time, I buy my stuff online! This isn’t just a business venture for me—it’s something I need in my daily life. I don’t have time to go around anymore—I can just browse through the site and look for items for my condo.


What is Nest Manila’s signature style?

MJ: That’s the thing, we don’t have a “signature look” because everything is a combination of all our different styles!
JCC: Yes, our clients can expect a variety of products in terms of style and aesthetic! Nest Manila's partners personally curate the merchants on the site, making sure that each piece is something we’d want in our own homes. The partners behind Nest Manila all have different aesthetics and that’s what we want to show on our site.


What is your personal aesthetic then?

MJ: I like things that look simple but are super efficient!

JCC: My style is Parisian chic with transitional and modern furniture pieces. I love vintage pieces and bright walls! 


What exciting things can people expect from Nest Manila this year?

MJ: Aside from having a specialist directory, more merchants will be coming in as well. Expect to see more products on the site—there’s always something to look forward to every single day. We are expanding our website to cater to every person’s needs. The items here are not so expensive, but they’re of great quality. You have the bang for your buck!

Metro.Style: What is the price range of your items?

JC: We have a huge range of products—bath accessories, wallpaper, appliances, light bulbs, you name it! Because of this, our price range is also huge. You can find light bulbs worth P70, tableware that start at P700, and appliances that start at P3000!


What are your favorite pieces from your current collection?

JC: All the partners were the ones who chose the merchants, so they’re basically everything we want inside our own home! To narrow it down, my picks are the following:

1. Palm Jungle Wallpaper. I am in love with printed wallpaper—it’s so Instagrammable! You can take your OOTD there for an insta-perfect photo.



2Oblong Hamper with storage. I love that it’s locally made. I really love supporting local products, plus it’s so reasonably priced!

3. Authentic fine bone china plates. I just love chinoiserie right now!



4. Delonghi kettle. I have it in two colors already—bronze and cream white!

5. Orbik LED filament bulb. I always use the filament bulb for my store display because it’s so pretty, and it gives off such a warm light.


MJ: My top picks are:

  1.  Delonghi espresso. I love coffee, and I’ve been eyeing this one!
  2.  The plates.
  3. The OMNI glasses—they are so cheap!
  4.  The trash cans. Yes, even the trash bins are really nice!


Finally, what to you makes a house a home?

JCC: For me, it’s the pieces you pick out yourself! These have so much stories to tell. When you handpick the items, it means you thought about them. They speak of your personality. These give your home a touch of "you."



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(1- Jam Chan-Cua, 2- Monique Jamlang, 3- Tim Yap, 4- Cat Arambulo-Antonio, 5- Divine Lee-Go, 6- Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi)


Photos courtesy of Nest Manila