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Solenn Heussaff And Nico Bolzico Have A New Home—We Revisit Their Old Apartment For A Dose Of Design Inspiration

If there's anywhere we love getting design inspirations from, it's from our favorite celebs' own homes! After all, they're thoughtfully decorated and they stylishly maximize spaces while showcasing meaningful touches all throughout, making them the perfect source for gathering ideas for our own. 


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In the spotlight this week for our top homes to be inspired by is Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico's residence, a freshly renovated enclave that looks just as warm and lively as the couple that calls it home. The brand new address is a big change for these two as they're in the process of transitioning from high-rise living to a more spacious, traditional home.



As an actress with a penchant for art, Solenn takes us on a detailed walkthrough of her new home and shares a handful of tips about how to liven up our own favorite lounging spots, be they indoors or outdoors, formal or casual, intimate or open to all guests. 

Now that the couple has moved to a new home, we take a look back at their old apartment in the gallery below, inspired by its beautiful design elements that we can definitely take cues from.





Read on to find out the practical and stylish home tips Solenn has to share: 



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Renovating vs. constructing

If you're looking to move into a totally new house, consider buying an existing structure and simply renovate. It's less costly, yet it still allows you to personalize a space according to your preferences.


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Sometimes, fake is good

At least when it comes to using plastic turf, a.k.a. fake grass! It's an interesting (and very fun) way to liven up an outdoor area that would otherwise be unappealing and drab. Line a balcony, small veranda, or porch with turf and plop a floor throw pillow or two and you're sure to have guests hanging out there.


A bright hallway is punctuated by a palm pot plant at their old apartment. | Photo courtesy of Heim Interiors



A home should feel like a home

And one way to achieve this is to utilize a neutral palette for the biggest spaces (i.e.: walls and floors). An environment like this allows you to mentally and emotionally recharge after being heavily stimulated by a ton of things while at work and play. Home, on the other hand, should be tranquil and calm. As an extra tip, Solenn advises to stick to three colors and decorate with variants or gradients of these three basic picks to achieve a unified and continuous look. 


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Bring life in

With plants, that is! Don't underestimate the power of having greenery indoors. They not only help purify the air that you breathe, but also have great benefits, aesthetically speaking. They make great space fillers and organic dividers, and best of all, they do beautify a space!


The bedroom in their old apartment was made interesting with Machuca patterns on the wall. | Photo courtesy of Heim Interiors



Investment pieces will do you good

And we're not just talking about investment pieces for decorating, but for functional purposes, too. In particular, Solenn reminds everyone about the importance of a good mattress. Top quality picks might be a little more expensive than usual, but she assures that the ROI is worth it. They do, after all, contribute to the quality of our sleep, spine alignment, and muscle regeneration, so it's critical that we pick the right ones based on what our bodies need. 


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Light things up

Have fun with lighting fixtures; they need not be expensive, but a statement-making chandelier or lamp can put together a room and completely transform its feel. There are tons of different materials to choose from in the market from wood to glass, metal, and even plastic, so do not be afraid to experiment! There are loads of options to choose from.


Their old apartment's living room was particularly memorable with the statement area rug that instantly livens up the space. | Photo courtesy of Heim Interiors



Optical illusions

An often forgotten detail is curtains. As showcased in Solenn's pad, she opted for longer curtains in simple solid colors that went from floor to ceiling to make rooms look more spacious (via the illusion of a higher ceiling). Regardless of the size of a window, longer curtains can help add height to a room—and it's an extremely easy trick to try. 


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No to over-design

This is especially true in areas of the house where lots of action happens—like the kitchen. Solenn's is roomy and neat, efficient and uncomplicated, which means that reaching for ingredients, pots and pans, utensils, plates, and all things she might need for a meal prep are as easy as one, two, three. Save the fancy layouts for places where the potential for mess is small, and where activities are generally more relaxed. 


Brick walls easily add character to an area. | Photo from Heim Interiors



Four-legged friends need a home, too

Don't forget that pets need a comfortable place to live in too, alongside their human family members! To keep a home with pets running smoothly, it would be good to consider alotting an area just for animal companions. We don't mean assigning them their very own bedroom (that's a tough feat to accomplish!), but just to designate a space they can call their own. A cozy corner or outdoor spot where they can enjoy uninterrupted rest will be just fine. 


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Be our guest

Filipino homes are always welcoming guests of every kind. To complement that hospitality, a guest room or area should be relatively unintimidating and fuss-free. You want guests to feel at home, happy, and definitely not worried about creasing expensive upholstery or staining pristine rugs or sofas. Leave the prized art pieces and other irreplaceable valuables in a more private area, and fill spaces for guests with lots of fun furniture and decor everyone will enjoy!


Use statement lighting fixtures for the dining area. | Photo from Heim Interiors


Photos from @nicobolzico @solenn @universalrecordsph, Heim Interiors