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"The Apartment," The First Interior Design Reality TV Show In Asia, Launches Its Sixth Season



The Apartment, the first interior design reality TV show in Asia, launches its sixth season which presents their most dynamic cast to date—all competing for the title while showing the reality of what goes behind the scenes in the world of interior design.

“The concept of The Apartment is to bring a niche subject like interior design to a mass audience,” says Riaz Mehta, creator and producer of the reality TV show. “So we take 12 contestants from across all of Asia and we split them up into four teams and we give them a brand new villa to design from scratch. Each week, one contestant is eliminated and there’s tons of drama. They shop, they entertain, they have to design, there’s tears between team members and everything happens in a very condensed time frame of 20 hours.”



The Apartment is the first design competition reality show in Asia, with a judge panel composed of one of New York’s most influential and dyamic designers Tyler Wisler, most famous television face in interior design Laurence Llewelyn, and Philippine’s very own top influencer, blogger and interior designer Cat Arambulo-Antonio who is joining the show’s latest season.

With five full seasons completed, the show has made dozens of driven young professionals, celebrities, and passionate amateurs create dozens of beautifully designed rooms in one-of-a-kind developments around Southeast Asia—under time limit and a tight budget.

“We look for those with interesting characters to watch. You don’t want anyone who is the same, one has to be the hero, the villain, the joker etc. We pick the character types and we pick those who are creative by nature. They could be in photography, or fashion or architecture or any kind of design,” says Riaz.



For its upcoming sixth season, The Apartment is taking its design competition to another level with the biggest prize in store for its new selected cast that includes beautiful model-turned-designer Stephanie Dods, color blind designer Jesy Cruz, and travel junkie Eugene. The season is further enhanced with its new digital companion show, The Apartment: Unboxed, that gives takeaway tips to go along the show’s game elements.

“This is the biggest season we have ever done,” says Mehta, “With probably the most dynamic cast for years.”


Photos from @theapartmenttv