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A Mess-Free Alternative To Soil—Discover The Wonders Of The Pafcal Soilless System

As Manila continues to grow more and more into an urban jungle, it’s easy to fear that live greenery will soon become a thing of the past. Low-maintenance plants or artificial variations have quickly become easier, more practical options, especially for condominium-dwellers or on-the-go homeowners. Already on its third year in Manila, Flax Midori, the purveyor of vertical wall garden systems in Manila, has introduced an easier, mess-free substitute to soil—one that makes actual plant life the more attractive choice.


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For the urban dweller, Flax Midori's Pafcal technology is definitely a dream come true: indoor plants have become a more attractive option, now that they can be enjoyed without the mess and meticulous care needed to maintain soil-based plants. 



A clean, mess-free alternative

With a mission to “make the Earth greener,” Flax Midori’s Shanghai-based mother company (Toyota Suntory Midorie) invested 10 years and US$10M into researching and developing “Pafcal”—and believe us when we say that it was all worth it. For many an indoor plant lover (or for anyone with a green thumb in general), Pafcal is a dream come to life. Think soil, minus the mess and need for frequent watering. A lightweight and cost-efficient alternative for soil, Pafcal is clean, sponge-like, and 100 percent organic.


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With its lightweight, porous structure, Pafcal is 50 percent lighter than soil, and maintains the perfect water-air balance—allowing plants to breathe freely while getting just the right amount of water. Its bacteria-free material protects it against insects that could potentially harm plants, and its non-collapsible structure takes away the inevitable crumbliness of soil. With a lifespan of up to 10 years, Pafcal also removes the need to replace soil as it dries up or runs out of nutrients (every six months to two years). All of these factors come together, giving Pafcal a plant mortality rate of about five to ten percent a year, in contrast to soil, which has a mortality rate of 200 percent.


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More than just décor

Best known for their green walls, Flax Midori offers a selection of products, each one as aesthetically pleasing as the last. Beyond being decorative pieces, these Pafcal plant installations are also offered with the intention of improving air quality, and creating a comforting, peaceful atmosphere. You might even be surprised to find that you’ve already admired some of them in restaurants, offices, or residences around the metro.


Upgrade your indoor aesthetic with your pick of green walls or Midorie frames. Flax Midori's mess-free options are easy to maintain and effortlessly brighten up any room. 


With a generous lineup of plants to choose from, Flax Midori offers two types of green wall installations, both built substantially slimmer than your conventional green wall. The mori no kabe (forest wall) makes use of tree-based plants, and can handle up to 60 plants per square meter. The hana no kabe (flower wall) option, on the other hand, can hold plants of greater density, and can take up to 80 plants per square meter. Both perfect for indoors and outdoors, these installations are made-to-order, to perfectly accommodate your preferred size and location.


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For smaller-scale plant displays, you may opt for their Midorie frames, or komidori (single-plant) designs, which are made to be placed on tables or hung up on walls. Midorie square frames consist of five plants, while round frames consist of three plants. Mix and match your plants of choice with your desired frame color—these beautiful pieces are sure to add a fresh touch to even the simplest of spaces.




Fuss-free maintenance

On top of the brilliant innovation that is Pafcal and the stunning indoor and outdoor greenery options to choose from, another thing to love about Flax Midori’s products is how they can be maintained with the greatest of ease. Their green walls and hanging plant boxes are installed together with automated watering systems, programmed to allow for uniform water supply.

Watering span will vary from indoor to outdoor plants—the sophisticated waterways are scheduled to water indoor plants once every 7-10 days, and outdoor greenery every 2-4 days. This automated irrigation system makes maintenance fuss-free, taking away unwanted problems like dripping, flowed soil, and uneven watering. In addition, plants grown in Pafcal are easy to replace, be it with changes in season, or when decorating for events. Plant care for Pafcal plants in Midorie frames is just as easy—holes are strategically located for watering, and plants can also be sprayed with an atomizer for more meticulous care.



Clean, easy maintenance and the promise of longer, healthier plant life—really, what’s not to love? More than simply trendy and easy on the eyes, Flax Midori’s range of options is definitely breathing new life into urban living, and we’re more than ready to get on board.


Midorie frames are available in Dimensione (Greenbelt 5 / Power Plant Mall / Trinoma / Alabang Town Center) and Rustan’s Flower Shop (Power Plant Mall). Plants in Pafcal are available in Qach Lifestyle & Garden (Alabang Town Center / Solenad 3 / Ayala Malls the 30th). For inquiries, contact or +632 553 3320.


*This article was originally published in Metro Home & Entertaining magazine.


Photographs courtesy of Soju Nakata and Metro Home & Entertaining