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These Bedding Essentials Are Exactly What You Need For A Blissful Slumber This Summer


Now that summer is here, the idea of a summery escapade beckons. Waking up in a comfy bed with the view of the sea, sand, and sky is one of the best feelings in the world. Too bad, though, for many of us, that's something we can't afford to have everyday of our lives. But, at the very least, what we can do is imbibe the summer vibe in our homes.        

Now, how? Well, aside from inflating that kiddie pool where you can bond with your children out in the garden, a few changes in the look of your space can be the refreshing escape you’re looking for.

Think of incorporating summery elements such as stripes, blues and whites, and bright colors. You should invest in comfortable bedding essentials, too, because that feeling of ease and comfort will surely bring you back the memories of that sweet summery destination. 

For the best staycation experience this summer, get your hands on The Original Penguin’s recently-launched Spring line of comforter sets, sheets, pillow covers, and throw pillows. The products in the collection carry a mix of summery motifs and clean and chic designs; the designs are minimalist, classic, yet altogether versatile. They would look cool even after the hot days have ended!

The comforters feature stripes in tasteful color combinations and patterns. The pillowcases, on the other hand, suggest what a summer at home should be like–tropical yet elegant. And finally, the sheets come in fun minimalist prints perfect for every member of the family!

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Photos courtesy of Penguin