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This Auction House Specializes In Antiquities And Conversation-Starting Pieces You Should Add To Your Home

International auction house Casa de Memoria held its first auction of the year on Saturday, March 17. The auction took place at the Casa showroom in Jupiter corner Comet Street, Bel-Air Village, Makati City.

The auction house is now on its 10th auction. Casa de Memoria is well-known for its changing themes, what they call a “Thematic Auction." Whatever the theme may be, the house is known for specializing in fine arts and antiquities, be they local or from abroad.

“Only a few auction houses specialize in antiquities,” shared Casa de Memoria marketing manager Camille Lhuillier. “We have an entire team of specialists that research, find, and validate the authenticity of each piece in our auction house. We put a lot of care and attention in curating all the pieces that we hold here in Casa de Memoria.”

The auction house specializes on finding pieces with historical value; artwork and items that harken back to bygone days.

Last year, Casa de Memoria featured notable thematic auctions, like “The Gentleman’s Pursuits.” All the items for that auction were masculine objects that evoked strength, class, and sophistication, perfect for those wanting to furnish a man cave. Pieces for that auction included the painting called Study of a Man in Uniform, which had a decidedly masculine charm, what with its military theme and all.

For the first auction this year, Casa de Memoria’s collection highlighted items that are reminiscent of the romantic period of the 19th century. Pieces from the auction included an elegant Portugese canapé, which has a rosewood frame and leather seats stamped with lattice, tendrils, and floral accents.


Other notable pieces in the auction include a 19th century English-style walnut desk with five dovetailed drawers, and a classic Italian Rococo-themed four-fold screen with hand-painted illustrations.

Providing a marked juxtaposition against the earlier pieces are a neoclassical pair of wooden candleholders and a unique 20th century hexagonal ecru- and green-colored Arraiolos carpet.



To break the decidedly Western-esque feel of the previous items, Chinoiserie pieces are also on display. Oriental-themed pieces included a pair of Famille Verte porcelain plates from the Kangxy period, and a one-of-a kind Madonna and Child in blanc de chine where the Madonna resembles Chinese Guanyin or Japanese Kannon, the Buddhist feminine deity of compassion.




Paintings were also on display, including pieces from noted Filipino expressionist-styled painter Romeo Tabuena. Paintings from Argentinian master Julio Silva, Spanish painter Abraham Levy Lima, and Portuguese artist Joaquim Felix da Costa were also available for auction.


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Photographs courtesy of Casa de Memoria