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This Furniture Shop From Thailand Offers Space-Saving Solutions For Your Condo

Smart furniture remains to be among the latest trends in interiors today—multi-functional and space-saving items provide the quick solution for the modern urban dweller. With the limited floor space typical in condo units, homeowners need to be wise about their choices—from the sizes of their furniture pieces to the home accents and lighting fixtures to even the color of the walls (which should help create that illusion of a bigger space). SB Furniture, a brand that comes from Thailand, especially caters to homeowners of small spaces. 


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Recently opening their Philippine flagship store in WMall in Pasay, the shop boasts of a wide range of customizable, condo-fit furniture pieces—whether you prefer a sleek minimalist, a laid-back Scandinavian, or a modern industrial look, you’ll find something here that will fit right into your home.



There’s a lot to love inside SB Furniture's showroom. Apart from the 50+ design inspirations shown through vignettes created by their in-house stylists, their creative storage solutions collection is something you just shouldn't miss: bed frames with storage and built-in sockets, center tables that serve as secret storage units, convertible desks and sofas, and other double-duty items.


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Another collection worth checking at SB Furniture is its modular line, which makes it easy to mix and match pieces that your home needs the most. The shop also offers free Furniture Layout Consultancy, assembly and installation for your home.